Don’t Pray for Me, I’m Alright

A friend and fellow ex-Christian Scientist blogger posted this morning about people who pray for him/her. The post was inspired by an exchange my friend has had with a former Christian Scientist who has “found the dear Lord Jesus and let him into their life! Praise be to God!” This dear person I guess felt the need to pray for my friend’s eternal soul. My friend also has a number of acquaintances who are still Christian Scientists who still pray for him/her to see the light and return to what my friend (tongue in cheek, of course) calls the “One True Religion”. Continue reading

The Church of the Holy Napkin


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I’m not religious, as regular readers of this blog will attest. Even when I was a Christian Scientist (or trying to be one), I wasn’t overly religious. I’ve rarely had much time or tolerance for those who are radically religious. Mostly, it’s because I find their arguments, logic, and claims to the supremacy of their belief over all others to be completely fallacious, and often highly offensive. Religious people are driven by belief and rhetoric, rarely by evidence or logic–at least that’s how I see it. Others may see it differently, and everyone is entitled to their opinion; we’ll just agree to disagree then. Continue reading

How to Leave Christian Science

Every so often, I go fishing on Google to research material for this blog. I write myself a nice boolean search string (yeah, I’m kind of nerdy), and see what I catch–mostly I’m looking for stuff to add to my “Resources” page. While searching generally on the term “leaving Christian Science”, I came across this discussion board post on “Time4thinkers”–the Christian Science Church’s outreach to the millennial generation (part of their TMC Youth program). Please give it and some of the replies a quick read before continuing. Continue reading

Scientific Ignorance


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I’m not a fan of organized religion and cults; in many ways, I see little difference between them. In addition to Christian Science, I especially dislike conservative fundamentalist Christianity, and it’s evil cousin radical Islam. Continue reading

Everlasting Punishment

This is the first in a series of posts about the 26 Weekly Bible Lesson Subjects (chosen by Mary Baker Eddy), which rotate twice each year. I’ll start with the subject “Everlasting Punishment”. Look for other posts under the category “Lesson Sermon Subjects“.

If you’re a former Christian Scientist or a Christian Scientist, the title of this post is familiar to you as one of the rotating weekly Lesson Sermon subjects. It is also one that I recall always seemed uncomfortable to many–after all, who likes the concept of punishment that never ends? But, as with everything Christian Science, there is more to these words than initially meets the eye. The devil is between the lines (and in the details). Continue reading