Savour Every Moment

“If we remembered every day that we could lose someone at any moment, we would love them more fiercely and freely, and without fear–not because there is nothing to lose, but because everything can always be lost.”
~Facebook meme (

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I will always be with you–even if you don’t want me anymore

When I took Class instruction in Christian Science several years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find among my classmates on the first day a friend I knew from a Christian Science summer camp and from Principia College. We had lost contact in the intervening years, so it was nice to reconnect and to know that we’d be attending Association together each year as well. Continue reading

Facebook Christian Scientists

Facebook_like_thumbLike many of my new on-line friends who are former Christian Scientists, I too have many Facebook friends who are still Christian Scientists. Given how deep into the culture of Christian Science I was until fairly recently, I have a lot of Christian Scientist friends, and some of them are very enthusiastically deep in it. I went to Principia College, worked at The Mother Church for ten years, had Class Instruction, and also went to a Christian Science summer camp as a camper and staff over a number of years. I was deeply steeped in the culture of Christian Science. Continue reading

Thoughts On Fathers’ Day

Today is Fathers’ Day. As many on Facebook have done, I posted as my profile pic, a picture of my Dad. Unlike many others I’ve seen posted, I don’t share the camera space with him. My cousin does. It was taken during a visit she and her husband had with him the summer before he died. It is also the last known picture that was ever taken of Dad. He died later that same year. I’ve looked at this picture often, and even posted it last year on Fathers’ Day. Even nearly five years since his death, it still brings a tear to my eye when I look at it. Continue reading


This is #7 in a series of posts looking at the 26 Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson subjects, chosen by Mary Baker Eddy, and rotated twice per year. These lessons are the sermon at each Christian Science church worldwide, and are read by Christian Scientists daily. Today’s subject is “Soul”. Look for other posts in the category “Lesson Sermon Subjects“. 

For reasons beyond my knowledge, I think of a TV show that was popular back in the 1970s called “Soul Train” when I think of this topic. The “soul” I speak of here, is quite different, however. As a child, my parents loved seafood, and we ate it often. A favourite fish was sole. I used to joke (to the annoyance of both my parents and Sunday School teachers) about how this was the “fish” subject. Yeah, I was sometimes an annoying kid. Continue reading

“Top 10 signs of good spirituality” by DT Strain

This is a good guide. As I look back on my former faith path, Christian Science, if I go by this list, it fails on almost every point.

Naturalistic Paganism

This essay was first published at The Humanist Contemplative.

Over the course of my comparative studies, there are some general traits I’ve noticed which seem to be shared between those wisdom streams and I thought it could be helpful to point them out. Here are some traits that are a sign of a good and healthy spiritual path…

10) Aim of True Happiness

Good spirituality will have as its aim the happiness of the practitioner. Of course, deep understanding of what this entails is essential. By ‘True Happiness’ we mean something more than mere pleasure associated with one’s conditions. Rather, the kind of happiness a good spirituality will pursue will be a deeper sense of contentment that transcends circumstance. It will be a source of inner strength in the face of adversity and humble appreciation in the face of fortune. Such a happiness is also not selfish in the…

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Stupid Things I Think About Because of Christian Science

I had my regular six month check-up at the dentist today. Nothing unusual about that. Most of us do this, Christian Scientists included (dental care is OK with Christian Scientists, by the way, but don’t you dare go to a medical doctor). Continue reading