Family estrangements

Many an ex-Christian Scientist acquaintance of mine has spoken of being estranged from their still-in-Christian Science family members. I’ve often felt that I couldn’t personally relate to their situations simply because I have no family that remains in Christian Science. My parents and myself were the only ones on either side of my family that stayed with Christian Science, and my parents are dead. The cousins I have that had exposure to Christian Science, or went to Sunday School all are hostile or ambivalent about it. Most of them think Christian Science is a huge bucket of crazy. Continue reading

Calling in sick…

sick day

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Many of us former Christian Scientists talk about the many stupid little habits or thought patterns that frame aspects of our lives that come from our time in Christian Science. Perfectionism is one of the big ones–for some, including myself at times, it gets so bad that we’ll waste inordinate amounts of time perfecting even the smallest detail of whatever task we’re working on, even if it really doesn’t matter that every single ‘i’ is dotted or ‘t’ crossed.  Continue reading