Guest Posts

Some Guidelines:

Guest posts are welcome as long as they relate to Christian Science in some way, and are either neutral or critical towards it. It can be your own journey in and/or out of Christian Science, a story from your past, or some other anecdote (funny or otherwise) from your life and its connection to, or disconnection from, Christian Science and/or its various associated institutions, such as Principia, Christian Science summer camps, youth groups, singles groups, branch churches, nursing facilities, or The Mother Church itself.

If you are a professional writer and just pitching general story ideas, please go somewhere else and do not waste my time. I won’t even fully read your email.

I have a few guidelines and things to be aware of regarding guest posts:

  1. No personal attacks against named or easily identifiable individuals who are still alive or are not public figures. If you want to rant about how crazy you think Mary Baker Eddy is, that’s OK (provide proof, don’t just rant–it goes over more credibly), if you want to call John or Jane Doe, CSB an asshole or are otherwise defamatory or you make serious accusations that could damage their reputation or result in legal consequences for them, and you name them or provide enough description that readers could easily figure out who they are, that’s not something I want to publish on this blog, and defaming someone can engender a legal response by the aggrieved party. If you want to constructively criticize something a Christian Scientist has published, by all means, that is very much OK.
  2. No support for, or advocation of, violence, destruction of property, or terrorism.
  3. Be aware that as a guest contributor, you accept ultimate responsibility for the content of your post and the consequences of its publication, and you hold the copyright for your post. As such, I will delete your post only at your written request, and I won’t post or publish it anywhere else without your written permission. However, it may get re-blogged by someone else on their blog, but if that happens there’s always a link to the original content. I have no control over who re-blogs posts.
  4. I strongly recommend against posting overly inflammatory posts against former employers, revealing or discussing any confidential information that you may have been privy to in your job, or extensively discussing and/or ranting about your work experience. These are generally very bad career moves, and revealing confidential information can have serious legal consequences, especially if, like most people who’ve had a job, you’ve signed some sort of confidentiality agreement.
  5. Going along with item 4, do not write about anything that’s been shared with you in confidence. I will not publish anything like that if I am aware of it.
  6. I reserve the right to refuse to post items that in my judgement could result in negative legal or personal consequences for yourself, myself, or others. Of course, I’ll explain to you my reasons, and recommend changes.
  7. If your post results in a subpoena or other nasty legally binding request to me, I will honour that request.
  8. I’ve had a few folks who have gone from Christian Science to mainstream Christianity chat me up with their stories with a thought to telling them publicly. But, they’ve thought that since this blog is of a secular/non-religious focus, they wouldn’t be welcome to post. I want to say that I very much welcome posts from anyone who wants to tell their story, no matter your faith, or lack thereof. I just ask that you be respectful of not only my choice to be non-religious, but also the choices and sensibilities of all of my readers, whatever their religious affiliation/belief or non-affiliation/belief may be. Do not proselytize, or state that someone is going to Hell or some other such fate because they don’t follow your religious path. Focus instead on what your faith path means to you, and how it’s changed your life for the better.

How it Works:

Telling one’s story is a deeply personal thing, it’s not easy to do (it wasn’t for me), but it can be incredibly liberating. Most importantly it needs to be in your voice. Email me with ideas or send me a rough draft, and we can talk about it, but don’t feel like you have to end up posting something if you ultimately feel like you want to back out. I’ve had several people write up drafts, only to decide afterwards to not post them, and that is perfectly okay. Sometimes, all the therapy you might need will be to just go through the exercise of writing your story. It’s not easy to take that step and share your story publicly. One of my main purposes with this blog is to help others taking the same journey I have.

Here are the “bureaucratic” details of how to get it done: 

  • Email me with either an idea for a guest post or a draft of one (PDF or MS Word documents work fine as attachments or just put it in the body of the e-mail)–I have included a contact form at the bottom of this page for your convenience.
  • Your post can be as long or short as you want, although if it exceeds 2,500 words, I recommend editing it for length (I can help you with that), or breaking it into more than one post. I find when I read other blogs, that excessively long posts lose me sometimes–it’s a result of our short attention span society.
  • Once we have a draft ready that we’re both satisfied with, I’ll email you a copy of it as I intend to post it for your final approval, and if you approve, it will go up on the next day I normally post, or it can be delayed to a date & time of your choosing.
  • Photos or images are fine, just send them as JPEG files, and give me the photo credit information (who took the picture, or where you got the image from), and confirm that you have permission to use the image if you did not create it.
  • Choose a title for your post–absent a title, I’ll call it “Guest Post” (the words “Guest Post” will always be included at the beginning of the title for identification purposes).
  • Write up a short biographic sketch for yourself (see bios below for examples)–this will be included at the end of your post, and also on this page. It can be funny, serious, or both, your choice; or, you can choose not to have a bio, and I will refer to you as a “regular reader”.
  • You can use your real name, or choose a pseudonym to remain anonymous, your choice.

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Guest Contributors:

Chris is a regular reader of Emerging Gently. Click here to view his posts.

Kat is a former Christian Scientist, Principia College graduate, and full-time Domestic Goddess/Engineer. In addition to thinking critically about Christian Science, she enjoys long walks in the woods (usually with her kids), long walks on the beach (usually with her kids), and dark romantic comedies (after the kids have gone to bed). Depending on the day, she believes in the Celestial Teapot, the Sparkly Pink Unicorn, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. For more about Kat and her critical musings on Christian Science, religion, philosophy and occasionally parenting, you can visit her blog, KindismClick here to view her posts.

Marie was a fourth-generation Christian Scientist, and Principia Upper School survivor/graduate. By day, she works with kids; by night, she’s a caped crusader working to exorcise Christian Science demons from the world. Click here to view her posts.

Neo is a Principia Upper School and College alum. He lives abroad and is a dedicated atheist who prefers not to think about Christian Science. He hopes to raise his children to be clear-thinking, confident, and skeptical. Click here to view his posts.