Guest Posts

I have published a few posts from guest writers in the past. However at this time, I am not accepting posts from guest writers.

Guest Contributors:

Chris is a regular reader of Emerging Gently. Click here to view his posts.

Kat is a former Christian Scientist, Principia College graduate, and full-time Domestic Goddess/Engineer. In addition to thinking critically about Christian Science, she enjoys long walks in the woods (usually with her kids), long walks on the beach (usually with her kids), and dark romantic comedies (after the kids have gone to bed). Depending on the day, she believes in the Celestial Teapot, the Sparkly Pink Unicorn, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. For more about Kat and her critical musings on Christian Science, religion, philosophy and occasionally parenting, you can visit her blog, KindismClick here to view her posts.

Marie was a fourth-generation Christian Scientist, and Principia Upper School survivor/graduate. By day, she works with kids; by night, she’s a caped crusader working to exorcise Christian Science demons from the world. Click here to view her posts.

Neo is a Principia Upper School and College alum. He lives abroad and is a dedicated atheist who prefers not to think about Christian Science. He hopes to raise his children to be clear-thinking, confident, and skeptical. Click here to view his posts.