A Metaphor Does Not a Diagnosis Make

I was reminded recently, in an on-line discussion thread, of Christian Scientists’ propensity to put at the root of many a physical ailment a metaphorical mental/emotional issue. A participant in the thread commented on how a heavy feeling in her chest was expertly diagnosed by a Christian Science practitioner or some other Christian Scientist as a ‘manifestation of stubbornness’. Yeah right! No, it couldn’t be something perhaps more serious like heart disease or asthma. Just change your hard heart, and it will all go away–like magic! Geez! Now I know what’s caused my asthma! I guess I can toss aside my inhalers! Hallelujah! Continue reading

Balance is Important

I was on the yoga mat the other day, and began to think–something I often do as I get into my meditative state. There are many teachings that come from the practice of yoga, but one of the biggest ones for me is balance. Not the ‘don’t fall over’ kind of balance (well there’s that too); what I’m talking about here, is balance in life practice. It’s one of the many teachings I take from the yoga mat into my daily life. Continue reading

Technical Difficulties

I recently had some difficulties with the e-mail client software on my computer that I used for Emerging Gently. Because of this, I lost a couple of e-mails I was responding to, and they are now irretrievable, as the client software downloaded them of my ISP’s server, deleting them from the server, and they’re no longer available there. I did not realize this until I deleted the problematic software.

So, if you’ve e-mailed me between approximately mid March through the end of April, it is possible I lost your e-mail, and if you were expecting a reply, that is why you haven’t heard back from me. I endeavour to answer all of the e-mails I receive, although it sometimes takes me some time. I am not ignoring you, trust me. So, if you’ve sent me an e-mail and haven’t heard back, please e-mail me again.

Again, on behalf of my computer, I apologize.

The Ex-Christian Scientist: A New Resource for Former Christian Scientists

There’s a new website in town for former Christian Scientists, or those thinking of leaving Christian Science.

A group of former members of the Christian Science Church have launched a new website designed as a resource for people who have left or are considering leaving the Christian Science faith. Christian Science (not to be confused with Scientology) was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in the late 19th century and is perhaps best known as a sect that rejects medical treatment, advocating prayer exclusively for healing.   Continue reading

The Impersonal Christian Scientist

As I was writing and editing my recent post “Love“, I began to see issues I touched on there that I wanted to expand on, but it just didn’t seem to work within that post. The biggest one for me is something that has become very apparent to me as I’ve left Christian Science: the coldness and impersonal nature of many Christian Scientists–especially parents. Continue reading

What Would Make Me Go Back?

I’ve sometimes wondered what might ever make me go back to Christian Science, if I ever would go back, and what it might be like if I did. Some in the ex-Christian Scientist groups fear that when they grow older and potentially slip into dementia, they might inadvertently revert back to Christian Science in the mental fog of dementia, and I honestly think that’s probably the only way I can see it that I would go back at this point, since the only other thing that would send me back is unlikely to ever happen. And…that brings me to the topic of this post.  Continue reading

Christian (Pseudo) Science

Pseudoscience is a claim, belief or practice which is falsely presented as scientific, but does not adhere to a valid scientific method, lacks supporting scientific evidence or plausibility, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status.1

Continue reading

LBGT Sexuality and Christian Science

Some time ago I swore to myself, and in e-mail witness with my friend and fellow ex-Christian Scientist blogger at Kindism, that I was not going to wade into the extra crazy/weird world of sexuality and Christian Science–I’ve been quite happy to leave this odd topic in their capable hands. Well, I’m going to break that vow–just a little bit. My post today deals with a hot-button (for some) issue: those who are lesbian/bi-sexual/gay/transgender (LBGT) or sometimes generically and somewhat incorrectly lumped together and referred to as homosexual. Bisexual people are not homosexual, by the way, nor are transgender folks. Homosexuality refers specifically to those who are attracted to those of the same gender as themselves. Continue reading

Slowing Down & Changes

When I first started writing this blog, my initial goal was to simply tell my story of being a Christian Scientist, and more importantly how I left Christian Science. I’ve seen it grow to be more than just that, and I’ve seen it touch many readers who’ve found a resonance between my experiences and thoughts and theirs. It’s also ruffled a few feathers, some of whom have made themselves known to me, and I’m sure there are many who have kept their criticisms to themselves.

However, I have never intended for this blog to continue forever. My regular readers will know that I’ve at times referred to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (the so-called “textbook” of Christian Science, written by Mary Baker Eddy–the founder of Christian Science) as 600 pages of saying “matter, sin, disease, and death are not real; God is the only thing that is real” or something to that effect. I don’t want to become the anti-Christian Science version of that, and I fear that I am very close to becoming just that. As I periodically paw through my virtual bin of draft posts, I’ve seen a few that address topics I’ve already written about. After all, how many times, and in how many ways can I say that Christian Science is bullshit? That Christian Science doesn’t work, and that it’s done incalculable damage not only to me and my family, but to so many others? I think I’ve covered that ground reasonably well. Although I think others could do better, I’ve given it my best shot.

So it is that I’ve come to this point. While I still think I have some bullets left in the chamber, I’m going to slow down with regular posting to this blog. I want to focus more of my efforts on other projects, and different aspects of my life. I will still continue to post regularly to this blog, but after this week, instead of new posts going up weekly, new posts will now go up every other week.

Thank you for being a part of my on-line journey here!

Thoughts On The End

I’ve recently had a dialogue with a reader regarding a recent post. My friend is a Christian Scientist, while I, obviously, am not. The discussion centred somewhat around end-of-life issues, and it’s prompted me to think about this rather uncomfortable subject. Continue reading