On-line Resources

All resources here are listed alphabetically by name, and are provided for informational purposes only. No responsibility is accepted by the author of this blog for the content or security practices of any of these websites or blogs, and no endorsement of any listed resource is intended nor should any be implied.

On-Line Resources Critical of Christian Science:

Please visit the ‘Bibliography‘ page for a listing of books and publications (print and on-line) that are critical of Christian Science.


Blogs by former Christian Scientists, or groups of former Christian Scientists. Some are actively maintained, others are not. Inactive blogs are noted.

  • Christian Science Inquiry (inactive): a blog by a former Christian Scientist who has explored varying spiritual and faith paths. It is not entirely critical of Christian Science. The latest posts date to 2010.
  • Ex CS UK: a blog site maintained by a group of former Christian Scientists to “make any European contacts feel less far away from the USA and to make it easier for them to join our meetings.” (from their blog) This blog is secular in focus.
  • Incredibly True Stories of Christian Science Healing: a blog by a former Christian Scientist, detailing their thoughts and experiences on leaving Christian Science.
  • Kindism: a blog by a former Christian Scientist, with a largely secular viewpoint.
  • MT Space (inactive): a blog by a former Christian Science practitioner/teacher & lecturer who is now an atheist.
  • One Leg Liz: a blog by a former Christian Scientist who, as the result of an untreated bone disease, eventually underwent an above-knee amputation of her leg. She now actively speaks out against religiously-based child abuse and neglect. This blog also goes into subject areas beyond the writer’s experience with Christian Science. It’s secular/humanist in it’s viewpoint vis a vis Christian Science and religion in general. The author considers herself an atheist.
  • The Pseudoscience of Christian Science (inactive): a blog on Tumblr that is the “musings from a science advocate and ex-Christian Scientist, on the dangers, conceits, and conflicts within the religion” (from the blog). It appears to be inactive; there are only two posts, and the most recent is from March, 2012.
  • Timothy J. Hammons: a blog maintained by a former Christian Scientist who is now a Calvinist. According to his blog, he has been a pastor in churches in Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and New Mexico.
  • Understanding Mortal Mind (inactive): a blog by a former Christian Scientist, largely secular and takes an analytical viewpoint.

Other On-Line Resources:

On-line resources of interest to former Christian Scientists: websites/pages, discussion boards, and organizations.

  • A Collision of Truths: the website for the self-published book of the same title by Robert Y. Ellis, a man raised in and for many years very dedicated to Christian Science until a series of tragic events caused him to leave Christian Science.
  • Ananias – Pilgrims to the Cross of Christ from Christian Science: a blog/web site maintained by an organization called the Ananias Group which is a “circle of biblical Christians  in various denominations who were formerly Christian Scientists.” (from their website). They are based in Englewood, Colorado, USA.
  • Christian Science: article on the website Evidence Unseen on Christian Science.
  • Christian Science Health Care Guide: a page on the Kindsm blog that lists various resources that former Christian Scientists, likely unfamiliar with modern health care, to educate themselves about it.
  • Christian Way: a group of former Christian Scientists who are now traditional Christians. They also have an extensive and active discussion forum, to which anyone can contribute, and do so anonymously. Many contributors are Christian; but a number are atheist, agnostic, other religious, or simply spiritual. The common thread being that most were once Christian Scientists, grew up in it, or at least had some contact with it. Interestingly, some practicing Christian Scientists actively and bravely participate in this forum. It is well moderated, and all are welcome no matter what their religious, or non-religious tendencies may be. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
  • Ex Christian Scientist: a website and discussion forum maintained by a former Christian Scientist who is now a Roman Catholic.
  • The Ex-Christian Scientist: a web resource for those who are leaving or questioning Christian Science. It is maintained by a core group of editors, and content is contributed by a collective of contributors.*
  • Fellowship of Former Christian Scientists: a Christian ministry geared towards former Christian Scientists. It was started by a former Christian Scientist. They meet periodically for fellowship both in-person and on-line in Google hangouts. It is based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • God’s Perfect Child: the web presence for the book of the same title by Caroline Fraser. It is extensively researched and footnoted, and is very educational for those who know little or nothing about Christian Science, and is a good resource for those who’ve left Christian Science or are contemplating leaving.
  • I am a Recovering Christian Scientist: a discussion board thread on “The Experience Project” where those who have left Christian Science tell their stories and interact. The first post dates to 2008, but most of the entries have been posted more recently, in 2013.
  • What’s the harm in Christian Science?: an entry about Christian Science on the what’s the harm? website.

Social Media:

Public social media resources for, or useful to, former Christian Scientists. Please note that I also list here social media resources of a general nature (not directly connected to former Christian Scientists), and note them as such.


    • Child-Friendly Faith Project: the Facebook page for the Child-Friendly Faith Project. They also have a Facebook group. This is not an organization by and for former Christian Scientists, but some former Christian Scientists are involved with it.
    • Christian Science Exit: an open group consisting of people who have left Christian Science and are now mainstream Christians.
    • Cult Awareness Ministry: the Facebook page for a ministry dedicated to those leaving or who have left cults. It is not connected to former Christian Scientists.
    • ExChristian.net: the Facebook page for ExChristian.net, a website dedicated to those who have left or are leaving Christianity. It is not dedicated specifically to former Christian Scientists.
    • The Ex-Christian Scientist: the Facebook page for the website of the same name.*

There are also a few closed/secret groups of former Christian Scientists on Facebook. Some are secular in focus, and others are Christian in focus, and another exists as a theological discussion forum in which all (religious and non-religious) are welcome to the debate and discussion. Please e-mail me at emerging.gently@shaw.ca if you want more information or are interested in joining, and I will put you in touch with the group admins.


    • Child-Friendly Faith: Twitter feed of the Child-Friendly Faith Project [@chfriendlyfaith]. This is not an organization by and for former Christian Scientists, but some former Christian Scientists are involved with it.
    • ExChristian.Net: Twitter feed of ExChristian.net–a webpage dedicated to those who are leaving or have left Christianity. It is not dedicated specifically to former Christian Scientists [@exchristian_net].
    • Lucia Greenhouse: author of fathermothergod [@luciagreenhouse].
    • The Ex-Christian Scientist: the Twitter feed of the website of the same name [@ExCScience].*

I am not active on any other social media sites. If you find or know of any additional resources on any social media site that should be listed here, please e-mail me at emerging.gently@shaw.ca

On-Line Resources of General Interest:

Websites, blogs, and other resources of a more general nature that relate to religion, criticism of religion, leaving religion, living without religion, or otherwise. These do not pertain directly to Christian Science or disassociation with Christian Science, although they may make mention of Christian Science from time-to-time, and former Christian Scientists (and perhaps some Christian Scientists) are actively involved with some of them.

  • Child-Friendly Faith Project: this is a non-profit public charity (503(c)(3) in the United States) “whose mission is to end child abuse and neglect that is enabled by ideology and ignorance.” (from their website). Both religious and non-religious people are involved with this organization, including some former Christian Scientists. They also have a Facebook page and group, and a Twitter feed (see listings in Social Media Resources above).
  • Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (C.H.I.L.D.) Inc.: an organization whose purpose is “to protect children from harmful religious and cultural practices, especially religion-based medical neglect.” (from their website). A major focus of their efforts is to work to repeal provisions in criminal and civil laws in the United States that exempt parents from prosecution if their children suffer or die as a result of not receiving needed medical treatment due to religious reasons. Although this organization was started by former Christian Scientists, its focus is on combating religiously based child neglect in any faith. It’s based in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.
  • Common Sense: a blog by an atheist explorer of religion and life and her impressions of what she finds. She has a post about Christian Science.
  • Cult Awareness Ministry: a religious ministry run by a couple who were formerly involved in a cult. The webpage is called “VM Life Resources”, although their Facebook page is called Cult Awareness Ministry. It’s based in Dallas, Texas, USA.
  • Deep Thoughts: a blog maintained by an atheist.
  • Defeating the Dragons: a blog about the writer’s (Samantha Field) “journey in overcoming fundamentalist indoctrination” (from her blog).
  • Dispatches From the Culture Wars: “Thoughts from the interface of science, religion, law and culture.” (from the blog)–a blog that examines religion in modern society, in a very critical, and irreverent way. This blog is on Patheos.
  • End The Defense: the website for a group working to repeal religious exemptions to child neglect laws in the U.S. state of New York. A number of former Christian Scientists are involved with this initiative.
  • ExChristian.net: a blog and resource website “encouraging de-converting and former Christians” (from their website). It is an extensive website, linking to numerous other relevant resources, and is a place where many have told their own stories of leaving Christianity.
  • Friday Night Heretics Club: a blog maintained by a former divinity school student who ironically, through her studies, lost her faith. This blog is hosted on Patheos.
  • Godless In Dixie: a blog maintained by a religious skeptic who “…spent two decades of my life passionately pursuing the ideals of evangelical Christianity.” (from the website). The writer writes from the perspective of living in the ‘Deep South’ of the United States (Mississippi), where being Christian or identifying as one is deeply interwoven into the culture of the area. This blog is hosted on Patheos.
  • Jericho Brisance: a blog by a former Christian. It’s very well researched, and contains an extensive bibliography. He writes from Texas, another very religious part of the United States.
  • Journey Free: a blog and web resource maintained by a psychologist who specializes in helping people deal with Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS).
  • Leaving Fundamentalism: a blog “examining Christian fundamentalism in the UK” (from the blog).
  • Leaving Your Religion: a website and blog by a man who was a Christian pastor, but eventually came to realize he was no longer Christian, and left his faith. Great informational resource on being non-religious, and what that means.
  • No Longer Quivering: a blog kept by Vyckie Garrison, giving an insider’s insight into the Quiverfull movement. This blog is hosted on Patheos.
  • Patheos: a website that provides a balanced, non-partisan, non-biased information resource, and forum for the exchange of ideas regarding religion and spirituality. It includes perspectives from a variety of religious, spiritual, and atheist points of view. A number of blogs indexed on this page are found here.
  • Religion and Child Abuse News: “an archive of news items related to child abuse or neglect, or infringement of children’s rights, in a religious context.” (from the website).
  • Religious Child Maltreatment: a website that is connected to the book Breaking Their Will – Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment by Janet Heimlich, who also is a driving force behind the Child-Friendly Faith Project.
  • Truth Saves: a website that takes a critical look at Christianity, shining a bright light into its dark corners.
  • Year Without God: a blog by a former Seventh Day Adventist pastor who left his religion. This blog is hosted on Patheos.

On-Line Resources Non-Critical of Christian Science:

 I include these resources that are supportive of Christian Science so that you, my readers, can have the opportunity to do your own first-hand research, see both sides of the coin, and reach your own independent conclusions. 

Official Christian Science Church Resources:

Official Mother Church/subsidiary organizations and Christian Science Publishing Society websites.

  • Christian Science.com: the official web page of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, the world headquarters of the Christian Science Church.
  • Christian Science in Canada: a website run collectively by Christian Science Committees on Publication in Canada. NOTE: as of January 12, 2016, this site is unavailable, however the URL is still owned by the Committee on Publication.
  • UK Christian Science Committee on Publication: the website for the District Manager for Christian Science Committees on Publication in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • The Christian Science Monitor: the newspaper published by the Church.
  • JSH On-line: the on-line presence of The Christian Science Publishing Society.
  • The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity: a library ostensibly independent from The Mother Church, but formed and financially supported by it, whose main purpose is to publish (and thereby retain copyright) over all previously un-published writings of Mary Baker Eddy, including those not currently in the Library’s or Church’s possession. The Library is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Press Room: a section of the ChristianScience.com website maintained by the Christian Science Committee on Publication (the public relations arm of The Mother Church). It has additional links to websites and blogs maintained by individual Committees on Publication in various parts of the world.
  • The Christian Science Pastor: this is where you can read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as well as the King James Version of the Bible from the convenience of your computer.

The Mother Church, The Christian Science Publishing Society, and The Mary Baker Eddy Library all have a number of Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and other social media outreach activities. I do not list them here, but they are easy to find if you do a search for them and they’re linked off the websites. They also have a number of Twitter feeds, which are also linked off the websites.

Other (Unofficial) Christian Science-Related Resources:

Here are some links to information, resources, and other organizations that are not officially connected to the Christian Science Church (The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts), but are affiliated with Christian Science, or have Christian Science as their theological underpinning. While they are all either supportive of, or neutral towards Christian Science; some are not supportive of, and are even antagonistic toward The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts. Some espouse versions/variations of Christian Science theology that may be at odds with the theological point of view held by The Mother Church. Where possible, I have endeavoured to determine where the organizations behind the websites are located.

  • The Albert Baker Fund: an organization that “provides loans, scholarships and grants for the education of Christian Scientists around the world.” (from their website). It is based in Sacramento, California, USA.
  • The Ark of Truth – Mother’s Hood: a blog that offers up views on Christian Science theology that are contrary to that of The Mother Church.
  • Asher Student Foundation: an organization that supports Christian Scientists who are college/university students. Their most visible activity is a network of “Asher Houses” found near large university campuses in the United States. It is based in San Francisco, California, USA.
  • Association of Organizations for Christian Science Nursing (AOCSN): an organization akin to a trade group for Christian Science nursing facilities and services throughout the world. The member organizations exist in: Canada, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States. This website provides links to all of these organizations.
  • BibleWise: a website dedicated to “fostering a deeper love and understanding of the Bible and its application in daily life.” (from their website). It is largely run by Christian Scientists, and Christian Science theology and teachings underpin the content of this site.
  • Biblios Foundation: a website that “is dedicated to encouraging a deeper interest in and appreciation for biblical studies. The mandate of the Foundation is to encourage advanced research and to share valuable insights beyond the classroom.” (from their website). It’s content is largely based on Christian Science theology and teachings. It is based in Ballwin, Missouri, USA.
  • The Bookmark: a on-line catalog for Christian Science-related items, biographies of Mary Baker Eddy, historical interest items, and study resources that are generally not available from the Christian Science Publishing Society, and in some cases representative of points of view on Christian Science theology that are at odds with The Mother Church. It is based in Santa Clarita, California, USA.
  • Classic Christian Science: a website unaffiliated with The Mother Church in Boston, it is for “the new person who wants to know more about God and how to heal using the ‘Comforter’ Christian Science. (from the website)
  • Christian Science Endtime Center: an dissident organization that goes into Christian Science/Mary Baker Eddy and Biblical prophecy (as far as I can tell). They publish The Christian Science Standard. They also hold church services at their headquarters. They are based in Denver, Colorado, USA.
  • Christian Science Fellowship: as the name implies, a fellowship of Christian Scientists  in the Chicago area who wanted to “see how Christian Science could be more accessible, more welcoming to everyone, feel totally new, and yet stay securely anchored in its origins.” (from their website). It is based in Glenview, Illinois, USA.
  • The CommissionThe Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc. is an organization that exists “to establish, improve, promote, and maintain standards for the operation of Christian Science nursing services.” (from their website) They accredit Christian Science nursing facilities and services according to written standards, and conduct periodic reviews of these organizations. They are based in San Diego, California, USA. Accredited facilities and organizations operate in Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.
  • The Daycroft School Foundation: the remnant organization of a school of the same name that closed in 1991. It offers educational support for homeschool families, grants to non-profit Christian Science-oriented organizations that serve youth, and programs for educators. It is based in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.
  • Daystar Foundation & Library: an organization whose purpose is to “collect, care for, and make available books, papers, and and memorabilia relating to the early days of Christian Science, its Discoverer and Founder, Mary Baker Eddy, and those individuals who helped her in the fledgling stages of the Christian Science movement” (from their website). It is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
  • Emergence International: “A worldwide community supporting LGBT Christian Scientists” (from their website). This is a support group for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals who are Christian Scientists. They are based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
  • The Gethsemane Foundation: an organization “Dedicated to promoting a greater public awareness and understanding of Christian Science and its discoverer, founder, and leader, Mary Baker Eddy.” (from their website) They are based in Mount Vernon, Texas, USA.
  • Healing Unlimited: an organization unaffiliated with The Mother Church, part of whose premise is that Mary Baker Eddy never intended for The Mother Church to continue in its present form. They’re based in Bend, Oregon, USA.
  • Holy Ghost Global Ministries: a Christian Science ‘ministry’ based in Inglewood, California, USA. It also bills itself as a “Christian Science Society of Black Rock” in the Inglewood area, although none is listed in the official Christian Science Directory in the Christian Science Journal. They also have a second web presence here.
  • Independent Christian Science: a Christian Science church that was once a branch church of The Mother Church, but is now independent of it. It’s located in Plainfield, New Jersey, USA.
  • Longyear Foundation: an organization that preserves the history of Mary Baker Eddy’s life and of the Christian Science movement. They operate a museum in Newton (Chestnut Hill), Massachusetts, as well as maintaining a number of Mary Baker Eddy’s former homes and related sites in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It is based in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.
  • The Mary Baker Eddy Science Institute: (formerly “The Mary Baker Eddy Institute”) an organization that seeks to “disseminate the pure Science and system of Christ Science as brought forth by Mary Baker Eddy, and later elucidated in the writings of John W. Doorly, London, England (circa 1950).” (from their website). They are not affiliated with The Mother Church or any branch church. They are based in North Fort Meyers, Florida, USA.
  • The New York City Christian Science Group: a study and discussion group of LGBT (and supportive) Christian Scientists, based in New York, New York, USA.
  • Next Generation Fellowship: a Christian Science group that is loosely connected to a branch church (they share a building). They do church services in a variety of formats, as well as discussion groups. They are located in Brentwood, Missouri, USA (metro St. Louis).
  • Prayerful Living.com (formerly CS Directory.com): an on-line supermarket listing anything and everything Christian Science: summer camps, Christian Scientist singles directory, classified marketplace, official and unofficial resources, you name it, if it’s Christian Science, it’s in here somewhere. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
  • Rock and Feathers, LLC: a “. . .resource site for those who study the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.” (from their website). They are based in Columbia, South Carolina, USA.
  • Rolf Witzche (Agape Research): an extensive series of websites, pages, and articles ostensibly written by Rolf Witzche, who characterizes himself as an “author, researcher, producer, scientist” (from the website), espousing and explaining his take on Christian Science, and other subjects. He is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Wellspring Foundation “Lifting the Veil”: a website and organization “formed to present the revelation of Mary Baker Eddy” (from their website. It is based in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, USA.
  • Wikipedia articles: Christian ScienceMary Baker EddyThe Mother ChurchScience and HealthThe Destiny of the Mother Church (book), The Mother ChurchChurch of Christ, ScientistPrincipia (school/college), list of Christian Scientistslist of former Christian Science churches.

The following are educational institutions that only admit students who are Christian Scientists or where Christian Science is an active component of student life:

  • The Link School: a school in Buena Vista, Colorado, USA.
  • The Principia: a school (pre-school to grade 12) and college for Christian Scientists. Strict adherence to Christian Science is a prerequisite for admission. The school is located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and the college is in Elsah, Illinois, USA.
  • Sunrise of Africa School: pre-school to grade 8. It’s not clear from the website that they exclusively admit Christian Scientists, but Christian Science is an active part of the curriculum and student life. It’s located in Nairobi, Kenya.

The following educational institutions have historical or now more loose connections to Christian Science. They admit students of any faith, or in some cases no faith, and Christian Science is not necessarily an integral part of student life:

Most Christian Science-affiliated organizations, as well as individual Committees on Publication, Christian Science practitioners and teachers also have Facebook pages & groups, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards, YouTube channels, LinkedIn profiles, blogs, and likely Google+ profiles. I don’t list them here (there are way too many), but they are easy to find by searching.



*In the interests of full disclosure, it should be noted that the author of this blog is an editor and writer for the Ex-Christian Scientist website.

I make every effort to ensure that the links and information on this page are current and correct. If you are aware of any needed corrections, if a link no longer works, or if there is a resource I should add, please e-mail me at emerging.gently@shaw.ca. Thank you!