New email address

I have changed the contact email address for this blog.

The new address is

Please send all complements, advice, love, indifference, and/or hate mail to that address from now forward.


I’m surveying

You may recall that I posted a link to a survey last week. Due to some technical issues, that one didn’t work out as I intended. So, I have built a new one. It’s better, it’s stronger, and it’s on a better platform. If you feel like getting surveyed, please check it out. Thank you!

Ex-Christian Scientist Relationship Survey

Taking a break…

I’ve been at this here since 2013. I’ve written almost 300 posts on many topics relating to Christian Science, and leaving it (which has been the best thing I’ve ever done). I’ve often said that the ‘textbook’ of Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is 600 pages of different ways to say “matter is not real, God is the only thing that’s real.” I don’t want this blog to become the anti-Christian Science version of this, where I write hundreds of posts that basically just boil down to “Christian Science is bullshit, and it doesn’t work”. I mean, Christian Science is bullshit, but there is more to life than that.  Continue reading