Sunday morning rant

As my regular readers well know, I am not religious, and no longer attend church. I despise the deep hypocrisy I see with many who are religious–not just Christians, but Muslims, Jews, and many others. I just don’t see religion as a force for good in this world. Yes, it claims to be, but in practice it isn’t. Continue reading

I tried to reason out a bigoted stance…

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I was having breakfast at a local bakery one morning recently with my cousins, who were visiting from out of town. Shortly after we got our breakfasts and settled in with our coffee to enjoy the view of the lake and mountains, two women walked in. They were obviously in a relationship, and it looked to me to be a very happy and loving relationship as they laughed and joked with each other at the cash register. Nobody took much notice of them, and that’s a good

Image credit: Emerging Gently.

Image credit: Emerging Gently.

thing. Normally, I wouldn’t have either, but for some reason I did notice this couple in particular. I’m grateful to live in a community that is largely becoming more accepting of same-sex couples, and they were just another couple out for breakfast on an uncharacteristically rainy July day. Continue reading


Today, I’m not writing about Christian Science, or my departure from it. As close as this post gets to that is just talking about my perspective on life now, and now happens to be “post-Christian Science”. On my mind today is societal privilege. I’ve had a lot of occasion over the last several years to think about privilege. Continue reading

No More Accommodations (Profanity Warning)


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As I write this post, both the upper and lower houses of the United States state of Arizona’s legislature have passed a bill that would permit any business in the state to refuse service to certain people (read LGBTQ+), based on “sincerely held religious beliefs”. If this bill receives the governor’s signature, it will become the law of the land, and there is every likelihood it will, as the governor is a social conservative. Continue reading

I won’t support bigotry

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an entry–my apologies, dear readers. Truth be told, I’ve been extremely busy at work lately, and at home too, so time and lack of inspiration (writer’s block) have been working against me here, but I’m back–although given that it’s summer, and I like playing outside, I will likely not be posting as frequently as I have in the past. Today, I am grateful for the facts that (1) the crazy busyness at work is finally passed and, (2) inspiration for a post came to me in the mail (e-mail, that is). The dry spell has been broken–for now. Continue reading