The Sunday School Files: My Adventure With Mr. M Ends

I wrote two previous posts about my days in the Christian Science Sunday School under the tutelage of Mr. M (name changed to protect the asshole)–for context on this post, I recommend you read the two older posts first. Shortly after the events I tell about in this post, Mr. M was removed from his position in the Sunday School–I don’t remember exactly how soon afterwards, but I recall it all happened within a month or so. This post tells that story. Continue reading

The Sunday School Files: The Adventure With Mr. M Continues

A while back, I wrote a post about an experience from my days as a Christian Science Sunday School student. My teacher at the time was a man I call Mr. M. (I’ll keep his identity secret, although I believe he is now deceased). If you go back to my previous post, you’ll read all about his diatribes against abortion, but that’s only one of many for him. He had more, and worse, in his arsenal. Continue reading

The Sunday School Files: Abortion

Ladies and gentlemen, how about a hot-button topic? How would you feel about your kids’ Sunday School teacher asking them what they think of abortion? I know if I had kids, I would not want a Sunday School teacher, or any teacher for that matter foisting their opinions about this, or any other political/social/personal issue on my kids–I don’t care what side of the political spectrum we’re talking about. But, this is exactly what happened to me around about the age of 11 or 12 when Mr. M asked me what I thought of abortion. Continue reading

Let’s Start at (or near) the beginning, and the first seeds of doubt are planted

Welcome to the first entry in my blog about my journey away from Christian Science. If you read the “About” section, you’ll know what it’s all about. So, where better to start for my first post than a memory from my childhood. Continue reading