Five Questions–Principia Edition: My Answers

PrinIn collaboration with my fellow blogger at Kindism, I’m answering another edition of “Five Questions”; this time, it’s the Prin edition. We have also posed these same questions to a number of other people who attended Principia, and who have, like me, left Christian Science. Those answers appear on The Ex-Christian Scientist*. Continue reading

Five Questions: My Answers


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In collaboration with my fellow ex-Christian Scientist blogger at Kindism, I’m posting my answers to five common questions that many of us as former Christian Scientists are asked in one form or another by those who’ve never been Christian Scientists. Often, they’re baffled as to why anyone would believe in Christian Science and never go to a doctor.

We have also posed these same questions to other ex-Christian Scientists. Their answers appear in a series of posts on The Ex-Christian Scientist*.
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Christian Science Q & A

The following is a Question & Answer post where former Christian Scientists try and explain Christian Science reasoning to fairly commonly asked questions. We will be periodically sharing them, as questions that would benefit from multiple perspectives arise. This post is being answered by EG, who blogs at, and Kat, who blogs at It will be simultaneously cross-posted on both blogs. We have catagorized and tagged these as “Christian Science Q&A”

Today, we answer this question, posed by a reader at Kindism: If a Christian Scientist is gravely ill and prays for healing and dies when a medical intervention could have saved their life is that, in the minds of their loved ones, simply because God didn’t want them to live? Continue reading