Weekend morning ranting…

I’m in a number of Facebook groups for ex-Christian Scientists, and am an admin for a few. One of the bigger groups has a fairly steady inflow of new members, and it’s often a similar pattern when someone new joins. They read through old threads and like/comment on them, so old conversations from several months ago pop back up in my newsfeed, and I smile or grimace at the subject matter. That’s all well and good. Continue reading

The value of friendship and a new sense of family…


Image credit: Emerging Gently.

Over the last six or so years since my parents died, and some major changes happened in my life, I’ve come to realize the true value and meaning of friendship. When you lose all of your immediate family, your sense of family undeniably changes. Continue reading

Altered States

Yeah, I know it’s probably getting old, my habit of naming blog posts after movie or song titles, but I just can’t help myself. Today’s post is inspired by things I’ve heard mentioned many times in the ex-Christian Scientist Facebook groups, and also my own observations over the years. Specifically, I am talking today about how Christian Science has taken common things, or aspects of other forms of Christianity, and altered them or re-defined them to suit its own purposes. Continue reading

Five Questions: My Answers


Image credit: The Ex-Christian Scientist (exchristianscience.com).

In collaboration with my fellow ex-Christian Scientist blogger at Kindism, I’m posting my answers to five common questions that many of us as former Christian Scientists are asked in one form or another by those who’ve never been Christian Scientists. Often, they’re baffled as to why anyone would believe in Christian Science and never go to a doctor.

We have also posed these same questions to other ex-Christian Scientists. Their answers appear in a series of posts on The Ex-Christian Scientist*.
Continue reading