Sunday Morning Thought-spill

A fellow ex-Christian Scientist blogger has often mentioned to me that she gets shocked and saddened sometimes at the search terms (usually centred around “death” and/or “death in Christian Science” or other such terms) that bring people to her blog. I haven’t noticed those types of search terms bringing people here quite as much (I don’t tag often with the “death” tag, so maybe that’s why), but it does happen, yes; but what has tugged at me though are a couple of comments that were shared on a recent post. Continue reading

I Have What I Need


Image from Facebook, original source unknown.

WARNING: this post is “off-topic”–it doesn’t have anything to do with Christian Science, or my association/disassociation with it. A few days ago, I read this piece in Huffington Post. I’d recommend you give it a look see before continuing on here. Just do it! You’ll like it! Continue reading

Living While Under the Influence

I have a confession to make. I regularly drive under the influence…of mortal mind. You thought I was going to say something else eh? While we all know that driving under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering drugs is very dangerous (and thankfully illegal), I am wondering of the inherent dangers, pitfalls, and frustrations of living under the influence of the dangerously delusional ideas of Christian Science. Continue reading

Emotional Detachment

A line from an old Rolling Stones song is running through my mind as I write this: “I’ll come to your emotional rescue…” this is from the song “Emotional Rescue”. However, it is not those exact words running through my mind as I think of the title for this post; more like, “I’ll come to your emotional detachment…”. Emotional detachment is something Christian Scientists do very well. It comes with the territory when one denies (as Christian Scientists often do) that there even is a problem. If you’re dealing with a problem, don’t go to a Christian Scientist if you want to vent or talk it out. Their penchant for not drinking alcohol aside, Christian Scientists would on that point alone, make lousy bartenders. Continue reading

Ringside Seat

Today marks 12 years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. I had a metaphorical ringside or at least balcony seat to the events of that day, as I was living in Boston, Massachusetts, and working at The Mother Church at that time, and had just arrived at work as the attacks happened in New York City. We watched the second World Trade Center tower get hit on live TV as it happened, as well as the collapse of both towers.

Today’s post is a departure from the usual theme here in this blog. It has nothing to do with Christian Science or my connection or disconnection from it. Here, I share a piece I wrote and posted on-line in September, 2009. It is the story of my experiences on September 11, 2001, a day I will never forget. In memory of this tragic event, I share this with you, dear readers. Continue reading

Jump Without a Parachute


Image credit: No Honor In Gods Or Religion (Facebook page)

I don’t doubt that prayer does have some power. I’ve experienced tremendous peace of mind due to prayer and meditation, and it has led to profound life-changing decisions on my part. Continue reading