Don’t wait…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in other posts how former Christian Scientists, such as myself, will often wait longer than we should to seek treatment for injuries and ailments. The reasons for us largely boil down to having had it drilled into us since childhood that disease and accidents are unreal according to God, so therefore, there really is nothing wrong. So, we go into a state of denial, and ignore or downplay the problem…until it doesn’t go away, but rather, usually gets worse. Then, we do something about it. Continue reading


Image credit: Emerging Gently.

Image credit: Emerging Gently.

Throughout our lives, we unpack stuff. You go on a trip, you unpack some stuff at the destination so you can easily access things. You return home, you unpack your stuff, and settle back into your routine at home. You move, you pack all your stuff up, haul it to your new home, then unpack. It’s part of the cycle of life. It’s also part of what I’d call the practice of good mental health. A term I’ve learned over the past few years in relation to mental health is precisely this term: unpacking. Continue reading


My long-term readers will recall that I did a survey of former Christian Scientists and their various experiences post-Christian Science, in Christian Science, why they left, and a few other things. Click here to view the related posts on my previous survey.

Well, the survey has been resurrected, and changed. This time, results will be posted on The Ex-Christian Scientist website, of which I am an editor.

Please click this link to fill out the survey! Thanks for participating!