My long-term readers will recall that I did a survey of former Christian Scientists and their various experiences post-Christian Science, in Christian Science, why they left, and a few other things. Click here to view the related posts on my previous survey.

Well, the survey has been resurrected, and changed. This time, results will be posted on The Ex-Christian Scientist website, of which I am an editor.

Please click this link to fill out the survey! Thanks for participating!

Survey Respondents Say…

Following up on my previous post, “Survey Says…“, here is my analysis of the responses to the last question: “Why did you leave Christian Science?” It was the only optional question, and I asked it as an essay question. Like I’ve seen recounted elsewhere, the experiences some of my respondents related about the effects of Christian Science in their lives are harrowing, painful, and disheartening. Continue reading

Survey Says…

I’m a curious person and admittedly a statistics nerd. Always have been, always will be. As a kid, I took apart my radio controlled car to see what made it work (much to my Dad’s frustration, because he got to put it all back together and make it work again). I’m also curious about people and what makes them do what they do, make the choices they make, and the paths they’ve walked–I look for patterns. Former Christian Scientists are no exception. Continue reading