Guest Post: A Letter From a Principia College Grad

The following guest post was contributed by a regular reader. The author originally intended to write this as a letter to the editor, however the author wishes at this time to remain anonymous, so they chose to share their thoughts here instead.

I am writing because I take issue with Time ranking Principia College as the Number 1 college that the average B-student can get into. I find Principia’s ranking as a viable option to be incredibly misleading. On paper, Principia has a high acceptance rate and generous scholarship offers, however, you need to look at how many people are actually applying, and the demographic that Principia is catering to. Continue reading

How Does a Blind Person Understand Colour?

Imagine trying to describe colour to someone who has been blind from birth. In quiet, pensive moments, I’ve sometimes wondered how I could. How would I describe the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea to someone who has no idea what the colour blue looks like? I don’t think I could. I could describe very well how I feel about it. But without their own knowledge of something that can only be truly experienced by seeing it, they would not have any way to truly understand it. Continue reading