Something I’ve Read

For your reading pleasure, a nice list of reasons why the Bible and the “God” depicted within are not good and should never be used as guides for living a good, just, and moral life. Basically, God is a major asshole/dickhead/prick and completely amoral.

Death and the Christian Scientist

Christian Scientists sometimes have some of the most bizarre reactions to death of any group of people you will likely ever encounter. The reactions range from Stepfordesque emotionless stupor; to abnormal and inappropriate joy, happiness, and acting as if nothing at all out of the ordinary has even happened. Some things I have seen or that have been related to me are (or should be) to most people, truly bizarre. Continue reading

Algorithms Are Funny

1921893_568060131912_2029780642_nI am equal parts annoyed, and sometimes amused by Facebook ads. Facebook uses some sort of algorithmic version of secret sauce to get their targeted ads to work, mining your profile information, things you post, comments you make, to try to figure out what kind of ads you’re interested in seeing. For some reason, however, it seems to think sometimes that I might be interested in adult incontinence products, although I’m not sure why. So, often they do get it wrong. Today, an ex-Christian Scientist friend of mine posted this screen-shot of a rather amusing Facebook ad fail. It seems that Facebook thinks Liz’s blog post about learning to ski as an amputee (by the way, Christian Science is the reason she is an amputee), might also be connected in some way to an article posted by the Christian Science Church on their own website. Me thinks they may need to tweak their algorithms just a little bit.

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Christian Science: Lobbying It or Living It?

One Christian Scientist’s take on the Christian Science Church’s lobbying efforts regarding healthcare and exemptions in law for Christian Scientists. Worth reading!

Adventures of the Madcap Christian Scientist

The letter of Science plentifully reaches humanity to-day, but its spirit comes only in small degrees. The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love. Without this, the letter is but the dead body of Science, – pulseless, cold, inanimate. – Mary Baker Eddy.


In the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy defines “Church” as the “structure of Truth and Love” and says the role of Church is to rouse “the dormant understanding… to the apprehension of spiritual ideas…”

Lately some individuals have been busy lobbying their politicians for exemptions for Christian Scientists from health insurance and laws regarding child neglect. And I’m sorry, but I have to ask – how is exempting Christian Scientists from health insurance laws and child neglect laws in any way going to help rouse anyone’s “dormant understanding” to the “apprehension…

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This is #5 in a series of posts looking at the 26 Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson subjects, chosen by Mary Baker Eddy, and rotated twice per year. These lessons are the sermon at each Christian Science church worldwide, and are read by Christian Scientists daily. Today’s subject is “God”. Look for other posts in the category “Lesson Sermon Subjects“.


From the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

“O Lord! Ooh, you are so big! So absolutely huge. Gosh, we’re all really impressed down here, I can tell you.”
(from the movie “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life”) Continue reading

Cult of Religion

Back in the 1990s, the group Living Colour had a hit single “Cult of Personality”. In keeping with my recurring theme of titles inspired either by song or movie titles, this week’s post title is inspired by that song.



a. Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing.

b. The object of such devotion.
(emphasis is mine)

Among many things that a cult is, to me it is fanatical devotion to something (or someone), as I’ve illustrated in the above excerpt from the definition of the word cult. Continue reading

A Call To Action – On to the Senate

Another update on previous posts:

Dear CHILD Members and Friends,

I am sorry to report to you that the U.S. House passed HR1814 by voice vote a few hours ago; their votes will not be recorded. [The bill gives everyone with sincere religious beliefs against medical care an exemption from purchasing health insurance. Continue reading

A Call To Action [UPDATE]

This e-mail came this morning. The Christian Scientists will be out in full-force, trust me.

Dear CHILD Members and Friends:

We’ve just learned that HR1814, the bill to give everyone an exemption from buying health insurance if they have “sincerely-held religious beliefs” against medical care, will go to the House floor tomorrow under suspension of the rules. It is bypassing the House Ways and Means Committee. Continue reading