Algorithms Are Funny

1921893_568060131912_2029780642_nI am equal parts annoyed, and sometimes amused by Facebook ads. Facebook uses some sort of algorithmic version of secret sauce to get their targeted ads to work, mining your profile information, things you post, comments you make, to try to figure out what kind of ads you’re interested in seeing. For some reason, however, it seems to think sometimes that I might be interested in adult incontinence products, although I’m not sure why. So, often they do get it wrong. Today, an ex-Christian Scientist friend of mine posted this screen-shot of a rather amusing Facebook ad fail. It seems that Facebook thinks Liz’s blog post about learning to ski as an amputee (by the way, Christian Science is the reason she is an amputee), might also be connected in some way to an article posted by the Christian Science Church on their own website. Me thinks they may need to tweak their algorithms just a little bit.

Liz Heywood is a well-known and very public critic of Christian Science, having lost her leg to an untreated bone disease as a child–a condition that could have been routinely treated and healed had her Christian Scientist parents taken her to a doctor rather than “radically relying” on Christian Science treatment. The fact that this sort of neglect of care is exempted from prosecution under the law in many states in the United States is unconscionable.

At any rate, I think it would be funny, and I hope it randomly happens, if a link to Liz’s blog appears under “Related Articles” with one of the Christian Science Church’s articles. Now, that would be a funny Facebook ad fail!

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