Don’t Pray for Me, I’m Alright

A friend and fellow ex-Christian Scientist blogger posted this morning about people who pray for him/her. The post was inspired by an exchange my friend has had with a former Christian Scientist who has “found the dear Lord Jesus and let him into their life! Praise be to God!” This dear person I guess felt the need to pray for my friend’s eternal soul. My friend also has a number of acquaintances who are still Christian Scientists who still pray for him/her to see the light and return to what my friend (tongue in cheek, of course) calls the “One True Religion”.

So far, have been fortunate to avoid the Jesus crowd, or perhaps they’ve just remained silent lurkers amongst my small but ever growing band of readers. I’m here to say that I also do not need or want their prayers, or anyone’s at all unless I ask for them. One of the vestiges of Christian Science that I still hold to is the idea that you shouldn’t pray for or “treat” (in Christian Science) a person without their consent. Now, while I realize that I can’t control what people do mentally, I do respectfully make that request. So, I write this post as somewhat of an open letter to the religious folks (of all stripes) out there. I do not need to be “saved”, and no amount of praying on the part of those who are Christian Scientists will ever get me to go back into that warped funhouse.

I’m sure there are some amongst my friends and acquaintances who are Christian Scientists who do hope that I and others such as myself are just out on brief sojourns away from the One True Religion, and some of them probably pray fervently for us to return to the One True Religion. The most common thought amongst Christian Scientists likely is that we’ve all fallen under the spell/influence of mortal mind–I say this with the authority of one who used to think that way in my Christian Science past when someone I knew left the One True Religion. That’s what we all thought; that is still what Christian Scientists think of those of us who have left. I know now that those of us who have left have simply fallen under the pernicious spell of logic, reason, and reality, and left the warped-mirrored crazy mentally fried fun-house of Christian Science behind. Some of us have come to this realization that Christian Science is a perniciously false house of cards through deeply traumatizing personal experience.

So, to coin a phrase from an old Who song, the kids are alright. We don’t need to be saved; we don’t need to be prayed for. We have our path, and we’re just as happy with it as you are with yours. I don’t pray for religious people to leave their faith, so don’t pray for me to come to yours, thankyouverymuch.


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