Happy Birthday

Well, happy one month birthday to this little project I’ve been running here. April 29th was the date of my first post to “Emerging Gently”. So, how better to celebrate than to post a birthday-themed entry?

Anyone who’s been a Christian Scientist will tell you that Christian Scientists generally do not like to celebrate birthdays or in the extreme, any sort of anniversary–although I can’t imagine any sane married couple not celebrating their anniversary, but I have heard of some Christian Scientist couples who don’t. Counting years is considered some sort of limiting imposition upon spiritual reality or some sort of crap like that. Often, from your Christian Scientist friends on Facebook you’ll see “Happy special day!”, or “Happy [insert birthday boy/girl’s name here] day!” Well, gotta admit I kind of like the second one, and I do use it occasionally. But, bottom line, it’s a damn birthday! I just feel like this is more Christian Science-politically-correct-speak bullshit.

I for one, have usually always, even when I was a Christian Scientist, said “happy birthday”–I’ve never said “happy special day”, and when I was a kid, we celebrated my birthday. I got presents, cake, all that stuff. It was maybe a little more modest than some other kids got, but we celebrated anyway and I liked it. My parents, while pretty solid Christian Scientists, were not overly radical, and pretty much thought that not celebrating a kid’s birthday was stupid and unfair to the child, especially if said kid’s friends all celebrated theirs. Their attitude was that a birthday was the one day that was exclusively yours, to celebrate you. Mom and Dad would usually always go out for a special “date night” on or near each other’s birthdays or cook a special dinner at home. Throughout my adulthood, we exchanged cards at birthdays, and a forgetful omission brought on a good-natured ribbing. To his death, I think Dad remembered each of the times I forgot to send a card and would occasionally tease me about it. I for one never let him live down the one and only time he and Mom forgot. How my parents felt on this subject is exactly how I feel. To drive it home, I often make a point of saying “happy birthday” to my still-Christian Scientist Facebook friends–especially the ones whom I often see posting “happy special day” on mine or other’s timelines.

So, happy one month birthday, Emerging Gently! It’s been a fun, and therapeutically introspective ride for me so far, and I’m enjoying it. In a very Christian Science way, maybe I’ll toast the occasion with a nice glass of wine.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

    • Yes indeed. I would have a hard time living where I do if I couldn’t enjoy the occasional glass of wine. I live in a major wine producing area, so it’s a big industry here. I’ve been on more than a few wine tours with out of town visitors. That said, I don’t really drink much. A beer or glass of wine here and there, that’s about it.

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