Does prayer really do anything?

I have a confession to make: I still pray occasionally. Yes, my regular readers may be surprised, given that I’m largely atheist/agnostic, that I do pray. However, for me, it’s something different. It’s more akin to meditation. It’s similar to the process of de-fragging a computer hard-drive. I appreciate the time when I can be alone and quiet with my own thoughts and just sort things through. I don’t pray for anything, I just endeavour to reach a state of calmness and balance where I can sort through the stuff in my head. For me, it’s not an easy state to reach. I attend weekly sweat-lodge ceremonies, and I do meditate a lot there. I also meditate on the yoga mat. Sometimes, it’s when I’m driving–I do some of my best thinking when I’m in the car. Other times, it’s when doing outdoor activities. On an individual basis, within my own thought, yes, this process of meditation (you can call it prayer if you want) does do something, in my opinion, for me. Continue reading

What do you do?


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As I’m sure many have done, I’ve watched with horror and sadness at the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Syria that has resulted in a flood of refugees fleeing to Europe. This has been the largest migration of refugees to Europe since World War II. Some European countries have welcomed the refugees with open arms, others have greeted them with racial slurs and personal insults–including one Hungarian journalist who chose to stick her foot out in front of a refugee who was running and trip them. Pressure is also mounting here in my own country, Canada, to step up and accept more refugees, and it became a hot-button issue in our recent federal election campaign. Continue reading