Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?

This is #2 in a series of posts looking at the 26 Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson subjects, chosen by Mary Baker Eddy, and rotated twice per year. These lessons are the sermon at each Christian Science church worldwide, and are read by Christian Scientists daily. Today’s subject is “Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?”. Look for other posts in the category Lesson Sermon Subjects

In the alternate reality universe of Christian Science, sin, disease, and death are as real as the mirage of a big lake in the middle of the desert. This Lesson Sermon topic gets to the meat of what Christian Science is all about, and also its biggest fallacy. Continue reading

Hate in the Name of God (Warning: I’m ranting)

“I live in West Hollywood, CA and the Gay Pride parade is going on beneath my window. A man with a microphone is yelling continuously about the sin of homosexuality, saying God hates gays, they’ll burn in hell and so forth. People are simply singing in response. Stand strong, gay friends. May angels cover your ears and God give comfort to your heart. God loves us all with an inestimable love. Falsity and lies cannot touch you.”

This was posted this morning as the status on a Facebook page I follow. The poster was observing a scene outside her window. This is a vivid illustration of one thing I absolutely abhor about religion, and an illustration of one big reason I have completely rejected religion in all of its destructive and evil forms. I can’t stand the misogynistic and hate-filled spew that many religious people put out. Even more, I can’t stand their apologists within the wider mainstream society who try to excuse their religion from its complicity in the promulgation of this hate. Continue reading