This is OK and that is not

This is another in an occasional series of posts dealing with contradictions within the practice and/or culture of Christian Science. For other posts, check out the topic ‘Contradictions.

There are many things about Christian Science and especially the practice & culture of Christian Science that get under my skin and annoy me, but one of the things that truly does are the odd physical care contradictions. Christian Scientists are famous for eschewing medical care of almost any form, and there are many Christian Scientists who are quite absolute on that, but there seem to be little exceptions to the rules–even for some of those absolutists. While going to a medical doctor will usually get one ostracized in the Christian Science community (and cost you your job if you work in some Christian Science-related workplaces), some forms of physical care are perfectly ok. Here, all wrapped up in a neat little package for you, is a bullet-point list of the physical care procedures that are ok: Continue reading

F. E. A. R.

This is another in an ongoing series of posts that look at contradictions in Christian Science–it’s teachings, practice, or both. Look for others under the category ‘Contradictions‘.

Fear is a word that I remember from an early age being turned on its side as an acronym for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. Until I left Christian Science, I thought this was an action unique to Christian Scientists, as I had never heard this acronym used anywhere else. However, among my friends who are in 12-step recovery programs, I have heard it often. For the most part, I think it is a good explanation of what fear largely is. We always fear what we don’t know or understand, and what we don’t understand can appear different and sometimes scarier to us than it really is. Many of us also have completely irrational fears–for me, it is clowns (thank you Stephen King and your novel It), and being in a large building alone. On the other side of the coin, I also believe that to some degree, fear is not always a bad thing. Fear (usually) keeps us from doing stupid things that might otherwise harm or kill us (like putting our hand on a hot stove or walking across a rickety bridge or structure), or motivates one to seek help or remedy when something serious (and truly scary) crops up. Continue reading

The Architect, the Sound System, and the Practitioner

I was just reminded today of a funny story my Dad related to me several times, and it shows up the absolutely stupid and bull-headed hypocrisy of some Christian Scientists, but in a sort of sadly funny way. It involves a branch church, a renovation of the sanctuary (always something bound to stir up controversy in a Christian Science church), a young architect, a sound system, and a holier-than-thou Christian Science practitioner. Continue reading

Doctor of Christian Science – doctor-inal contradictions

This is another in my series on contradictions in Christian Science practice, teachings, and culture. See others under the category of ‘Contradictions‘.

Yes, I know the irony of this title, given the well-known animosity of Christian Science culture and teachings towards the medical profession and doctors, otherwise known as materia medica. I didn’t even see this post coming, but it came to me as I was doing some research to add a few new terms to my Glossary page. I was looking up the term ‘CSD’, a degree once conferred upon certain graduates of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College. Anyone who is or has been a Christian Scientist knows about folks who are CSB (they’re Teachers of Christian Science), but less known is the CSD. Continue reading

Running Out of “Nothing”

Two people were out on a drive in a remote area, along a road that few cars used. One was a Christian Scientist, one was not. The car ran out of gas. Continue reading

More contradictions indicated

This is the second in an ongoing series of posts on the topic of contradictions I have found within the practice, culture, and/or teachings of Christian Science. Look for these posts in the category ‘Contradictions‘. To reduce the risk of contradicting myself, I will not at this point state how many posts there will be in this series. 😉

As some regular readers here may know, I spent a number of years working at the Christian Science Church headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts (otherwise known as The Mother Church, or as I like to call it–The Mother Ship). I had some wonderful experiences there, and I also had some of the most trying times of my life there–both professionally and personally. It was a great growing and learning experience, and while I am happy beyond belief to put it behind me, I wouldn’t trade the lessons I’ve learned for anything, and they continue to serve me well. Continue reading

Know The Truth About It and It Will Get Better, Right?

I am not writing this from my usual place all comfy at home. I’m at my office, it’s late, nobody else is here, and quite frankly, I’m beginning to believe the stories about this old building being haunted. I know I’m the only one here, but it doesn’t quite feel like it. Continue reading

Contradictions indicated

This is the first in an ongoing series taking a look at some of the weird contradictions within the practice/culture of Christian Science. Look for future posts under the category ‘Contradictions‘.

I share my home with a cat. Well, more accurately, she shares her home with me. I’m just the slave who keeps the rent and utilities paid, and makes sure Ms. Princess Feline’s bowl is full each morning, and the litter box is appropriately kept clean. In return, she lets me live here. Growing up, we always had cats, and I’ve always loved them, despite a slight allergy I have to them (Ms. Princess is banned from certain rooms in the house–key one being my bedroom). Ms. Princess is up to date on all of her shots, and visits the veterinarian yearly for a check-up, and more often if anything seems amiss (so far, that’s only been once in her two-years young life, and it was nothing I needed to worry about). Growing up, that was true for all of our cats, although I don’t recall that they were always taken in for check-ups on a regular basis, but they did have all their shots. Continue reading