Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?

This is #2 in a series of posts looking at the 26 Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson subjects, chosen by Mary Baker Eddy, and rotated twice per year. These lessons are the sermon at each Christian Science church worldwide, and are read by Christian Scientists daily. Today’s subject is “Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?”. Look for other posts in the category Lesson Sermon Subjects

In the alternate reality universe of Christian Science, sin, disease, and death are as real as the mirage of a big lake in the middle of the desert. This Lesson Sermon topic gets to the meat of what Christian Science is all about, and also its biggest fallacy. Continue reading

Everlasting Punishment

This is the first in a series of posts about the 26 Weekly Bible Lesson Subjects (chosen by Mary Baker Eddy), which rotate twice each year. I’ll start with the subject “Everlasting Punishment”. Look for other posts under the category “Lesson Sermon Subjects“.

If you’re a former Christian Scientist or a Christian Scientist, the title of this post is familiar to you as one of the rotating weekly Lesson Sermon subjects. It is also one that I recall always seemed uncomfortable to many–after all, who likes the concept of punishment that never ends? But, as with everything Christian Science, there is more to these words than initially meets the eye. The devil is between the lines (and in the details). Continue reading