Something Worth Reading

This article came across my Facebook newsfeed today, and it definitely resonates strongly with me vis a vis my own experience with Christian Science…so strongly, it was almost scary… Continue reading

Something I’ve Read

It is this kind of sanctimonious attitude among Christian Scientists that truly angers me. When pressed about the preventable deaths of children under Christian Science “care”, Christian Science lecturer Christine Driessen blames it on “secular culture”, and the fact that people seemed to turn away from God. No, those kids died because they didn’t receive medical care that could have possibly saved them in many cases. Christian Scientists are masters of passive aggressiveness, and blaming the victim or society for the undeniable fact that CHRISTIAN SCIENCE DOES NOT HEAL! For more on what I’m talking about, check out this article: Continue reading

I Am a “Reclaimer” (Something I’ve Read)

Usually when I’ve shared “Things I’ve Read” here, I’m sharing horrifying or angering articles I’ve read that are usually connected with religion, or I’m sharing a recommendation for a book or article that is critical of Christian Science. Continue reading

Something More Disgusting I’ve Read…

For an example of how truly despicable, disgusting, and truly misogynistic some Christians can be, give this a quick read, or just Google Doug Phillips. If there is such a place as Hell, I think he deserves to spend some time there in the afterlife. This man is a true example of human flotsam. If anyone wants to know why I and many others such as myself despise organized religion, this is a perfect example. Continue reading