Sunday Testimony

I just had to stand up and give this testimony. I am so grateful for Buckley’s cold and flu caplets. Last night, I was feeling the oncoming symptoms of a cold, and I took two of those nice little blue night capsules, and had the best sleep. Continue reading

It’s the Simple Things

Today, I had a dentist appointment. I’m having a crown put on a tooth. It takes two appointments to complete the process, and today was the first and most arduous. Without getting overly graphic, a large amount of the tooth is removed, and then it is precisely shaped, leaving an anchor point for the crown, which effectively becomes like a new tooth. It involved almost two hours in the chair, most of it with the sweet sound of the dentist’s drill whining through my head. Continue reading

So…This Is a Christian Science “Healing”?


Image credit: One Leg Liz (

Please note that I have updated and added some informational notes at the bottom of this article with information I’ve recently come across, thanks to some Facebook acquaintances (December 22, 2013).

This past week, this article was published in the Ithaca Journal in Ithaca, New York, USA. It has also been picked up by a number of other newspapers in the United States also owned by the paper’s parent company, Gannett. I am certain it is causing many a conniption fit with the Committee on Publication department at The Mother Church, and well it should. It tells the tragic story of Liz Heywood who, as a teenager, suffered from a bone infection that caused one of her knees to fuse, forcing her into a lifetime of pain and difficulty with walking. Ultimately as an adult, she voluntarily underwent an above-knee amputation of the leg to relieve the discomfort and increase her mobility. The condition she suffered from is routinely treated successfully with simple antibiotics, and doctors have remarked to her that they only usually would see situations such as hers in people who contracted the disease before the advent of antibiotics, or in places where antibiotics are not readily available. Continue reading