I’m Baaaack!!

Looking at my posts, the last thing I posted here was a link to an article written by John Pavlovitz, a writer, activist, blogger, and yes–pastor from Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. That post dates back to October 2018. Normally, I’m not a fan of anyone who is a pastor or anything remotely connected to religion, but he is worth following, if you want something good and thought-provoking to read. He is the kind of Christian who walks the walk, rather than just talking it, and he doesn’t like Trump–something I consider to be a good thing. Find him here. He’s also on social media. The last substantive post I made was also in October 2018. So, it’s been awhile. I honestly didn’t think I’d come back here, then when I started trying, I didn’t think WordPress would let me back in.

Since I have not been maintaining this blog, I also lost access to it, and the associated email. It’s taken me a few days of dogged effort to get back in, but I’ve succeeded! There were definitely times when I thought I wouldn’t succeed. But I did, and prayer had nothing to do with it. To coin a common refrain from Christian Science testimonies, I am grateful for the technical support agents at Shaw Communications (my internet service provider), and my own patience. They have all helped. The fact that I achieved this without loud bouts of swearing is testament to a lot of work I’ve been doing on “myself” lately (a few posts coming up on that topic–it’s the biggest reason I’m resurrecting this blog–my Christian Science departure story, contrary to my previous belief, is far from over).

There is lots that is new in my life now. As I mentioned in a previous post, I met the person I call “my human”. When I was last talking about her, we had known each other for about a year–in fact almost the day of writing that post, it was exactly a year. Shortly after I wrote that post, I asked her to marry me. She said yes, and a year later, in September 2019, we got the deed done. I am ever so happy that we got the wedding done before that nice little pandemic got rolling. Another friend of mine, who got engaged about the same time, but they decided to have a two-year engagement, didn’t have quite as smooth a ride with the wedding plans, as they planned their wedding in 2020, of all years.

So, I hope there are still a few readers out there, and that the dozen or so regulars I had will get email alerts on this post. If not, time to build a new audience. I will wade through the many emails and post any comments that are sitting in the queue. I may start a semi-regular schedule of posting, there are a few new stories to tell, and a post series or two from the past that I never finished. Hell, we’ve been through a pandemic–and to some degree we’re still going through it. I’ve got lots of insight related to that. I’ve also been dealing more recently with mental health issues–which tie directly into my past as a Christian Scientist. So, that’s the Cole’s Notes version of what’s coming.

Thank you all for watching!


15 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack!!

    • Author: I used to blog about how damaging Christian Science was to me, and how much trauma it caused me.

      Author: takes a long break

      Author: I am back! I will be blogging again!

      Pat McCollg: “What’s your point?”
      Pat McCollg: “I found Christian Science and it has helped me so much! I will deny your trauma and tell you how fantastic Christian Science is! Reach out to me any time!”

      Chrystal: Seriously? You know what? God gave you two ears and 1 mouth. I think you EITHER need to move on with your strong denial about someone else’s trauma, and your intention to fully invalidate them and cause more trauma,

      OR, you should keep your thoughts to yourself and read his blog posts and see someone else’s perspective that does not mirror your own.


      Also Chrystal: The author’s point is that they are on a healing journey and they are probably going to be sharing things that makes them feel vulnerable and this will also be a part of their own genuine healing journey, not the fake-denial-fueled healing journey as taught to us by the fallible human & charlatan who tried to burn down a house she was renting one time when she moved out, Mary Faker Spaghetti.

      • It’s funny, I didn’t realize right away that this was the first comment. When the list of comments to approve appears on WordPress, it lists the most recent first, so this sort of didn’t make sense–until now. In answer to my friend’s question, “…and your point is?” Well, it’s on top of my head, where it belongs. Dumb question, sarcastic answer. That’s how I roll.

    • Thank you! While your journey has gone in the opposite direction of mine, I wish you all the best. I am glad you have found your happiness and comfort.

  1. If you ever need help, drop me a note. I was NOT a CS many years ago and going down the drain. I found out about it about 50 plus years ago and it saved me.

    Wishing you the best on your journey!!

    Patrick Collins

    • Please note that I edited your comment to remove your personal contact information that you may have inadvertently included. Sorry, it also took the Lee Iacocca quote. I am not sure if it was your intent to include your contact information, but privacy is important to me.

      Since it looks like you’re in Christian Science, I will politely decline the offer for help. I’m good. Between my family, friends, doctor, and therapist, I’m getting the help I need. I have no desire to get helped back into that which caused me so much damage and pain. I appreciate the fact that Christian Science seems to be your salvation, but it was not mine. All the best on your journey! Happy to continue the conversation.

      • Yes! I was about 22, just out of the Air Force. I was newly married and needed some depth in my life and that was some 63 years ago!!!!! Wow! It changed my life! God seems t9 fashion a path for wash of us.

        Wishing the best for you on yours!! Pat

      • Thanks for that!!! I am foolishly wild and crazy, throwing all caution to the wind!!!! I even went to Kuwait and opened an IT consulting business in the Middle East for a number of years! Totally out of control!!! 😇

  2. Glad to see you’re back. So happy you’re in a good relationship with your human. It’s so wonderful to be in a good relationship.

    Is there a link to subscribe somewhere? I think my email that was subscribed is one I also don’t use anymore. So I need to re-subscribe.

    Oh wait – as I wrote this comment, it showed at the bottom, a box to check: “Notify me of new posts via email.” So writing this comment has helped me subscribe! Yippee!

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