Leaving Christian Science saved me

Sometimes, I step back and wonder how I survived being a Christian Scientist. I think most of us who’ve left Christian Science do this–especially when we’ve been faced with, and overcome a serious physical ailment or injury. Since I left Christian Science about nine years ago, I’ve faced a few. However, the one that gives me pause is one involving the ‘c’ word: cancer. Now, before anyone gets alarmed, let me assure you, it was not a serious form of cancer, and it is one that is rarely fatal.

About two years ago, I developed a lesion on my forehead that never fully healed up. It would scab over, but it never fully healed–usually a day or two after it would scab over, it would open up and discharge. Thanks to my background in Christian Science, I wasn’t initially alarmed by this, although I should have been. I put up with it for several months before I had my doctor look at it during a normal physical check-up (which I dutifully have once per year). Thinking it was possibly skin cancer, she referred me to a dermatologist who performed an excision surgery on the lesion. The lab tests came back positive for what’s known as basal cell carcinoma. A second surgery was required to remove all of the cancer.

Now, basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is not usually fatal. It does not spread easily, and its spread is very slow. Despite my delay in treatment, I was in no real danger. The worst case scenario with BCC is something similar to what I and most people who grew up in Christian Science commonly saw in more than a few older church members: unsightly growths on their faces. In many cases, these growths would eventually mysteriously disappear, with a rather neat scar in its place (somewhat like a surgery scar, interestingly enough). Left long enough, such as is often the case with Christian Scientists, BCC is disfiguring. In my case, there is a small scar on my forehead that goes largely unnoticed.

Now, while I wasn’t in imminent danger, anytime a doctor says “cancer” to you, you take notice. It makes you think about life, and your own mortality. I shudder to think that if I was still swimming in the Krazy Sauce of Christian Science, I’d still have a weeping lesion on my forehead that might have started to turn into a growth. I also think about what my fate certainly would have been if it was a more serious form of skin cancer. Cancers like melanoma do spread quickly, and easily, and have a higher mortality rate. This was a warning shot, and I heard it loud and clear. I check myself regularly, and my partner checks the areas I can’t look at directly with my own eyes. My doctor and I keep a close eye on my skin at every physical exam. Even the serious skin cancers can be cured if caught early enough. I also get tested for other forms of cancer that can afflict men of my age, like colon and prostate cancer. Fortunately, I am thus far cancer-free.

I’m grateful beyond words that I’ve left Christian Science, and I sensibly seek regular medical care. I’m grateful to share my life with a partner who looks out for my well-being as I do hers. But, I still shudder to think what could have been, what could be, if I had not left Christian Science. I think I always will.


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  1. Sigh….I’m so tired of people who say they have left Christian Science when they have just left a group. The “Church” often has people like yourself whose grandparents studied this science or whose parents were interested and dabbled in it and you were taken to Sunday School but you didn’t really see this “science” applied at home and there was a lot of negativity at home. You left AND YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT. Anybody in their right mind would have left a situation that didn’t work. Had you lived in Mrs. Eddy’s household, with loving healers applying this science, you too would have been inspired to apply this science to absolutely every difficulty encountered.

    The science, the steps of thought, that successful healers use, is a learned body of knowledge that has been applied to cancer many many times and has been successful of changing the thinking …the firmly held…angry….beliefs that then tell cells not to go into apoptosis, when cells do not slough off like they should so that they can be replaced (the body replaces all of its cells every two years). Medical science knows that holding grudges, hanging on to ridged beliefs tells cells how to behave. You know if you believe something sad has occurred, tears will come out of your eyes, If you believe you are in a scary situation, your heart will start to pound. . When thought is changed to understanding oneness with LOVE, the body harmonizes. Medical science now acknowledges this.

    • No true Scotsman it seems right? This is one of my issues with Christians in general and Christian Scientists fit neatly here. My father prayed and studied the Bible and S&H daily for years. A more devoted and kind man you may not have met. Yet he suffered for years with debilitating undiagnosed diabetes. He died very young and never met my children. Christian Science is an awful form of denial, an unempathetic and negligent faith, wrapped up in words like love which ring hollow and justify all manner of sins. If there truly were such great examples demonstrating truly exceptional healings then there would be no reason to doubt your claims. Bring me a human who has regrown an amputated limb. Bring me another who did not resort to dentistry in pain. CS claims small victories where there are rational answers to the said healing. It denies attribution and gratitude to the true healers. For example the friends who help us, the person who offers us a job, the doctor who assists, the dog that gives us companionship, ourselves for taking action and doing. Leaving CS was liberating but required extensive deconditioning and pain. I am very glad to have freedom my children from its effects.

    • Says someone who probably hasn’t had to deal with anything major in regards to health. Both my parents are devout Christian Scientists. Well one is now – my mother is obviously undiagnosed, but she suffers from dementia. Lost her mental capacity years ago. My dad continues to pray and have practitioners praying for her because she is not mentally capable of doing anything for herself at this point. CS really did her well didn’t it? Or it did really well for a friend of mine who lost his wife for absolutely no reason at all! People who claim to have been healed…..it’s typically just a result whatever sickness you have running it’s course. When you could have popped a pill and felt better hours ago later vs. days. You never hear about the people who haven’t been “healed” because they are ashamed that they aren’t a good enough Christian scientist and cover it up. CS people life expectancy tops out in their 60s. That is a fact….go look it up. The sooner CS does out the better.

      • Chris Y, My grandmother was healed of a such a severe mental derangement that her family were going to interr her in a mental institution in 1910. A family member gave her the book Science and Health to read. In five days she was in her right mind.

        June Nettles Clark in Mobile Alabama was called by the husband of a woman, who had dementia, to pray for his wife. She sat by the woman’s bed, knowing the truth about God and within an hour the woman opened her eyes and said, “Who are you?” June said, I am a Christian Science Practitioner. Your husband asked me to pray for you. The woman said, “My mother-in-law would be so pleased!” The woman was healed and went on to live for many years, completely lucid.

        “Says someone who probably hasn’t had to deal with any major health issues” …remember that this is a science that you practice…. When I was a girl I was thrown from a horse and had debilitating back pain for years. An X-ray showed that one of the points of the vertebrae had broken off. My father and mother both went to doctors. It was my grandmother who made sure we went to Sunday School. At one point i realized that what I had was a “weak spine” and THAT meant I didn’t have any courage. I reasoned that i could have courage because God was always with me wherever I went. I never suffered from back pain again. Well ….that is not true.

        When my youngest child was ten, I was taking him and one of his friends skiing. We were going up the ski lift and his friend told me of all the times he had been sick and in the hospital. I though how my kids had never needed to go to the hospital or had been sick. I was so grateful and sure that my interest in practicing Christian Science, as a preventative to keep my children safe, was the reason for this protection. As we came to where you ski off the lift, I helped the two boys get off the bench. Then, I realized that I had missed my opportunity to ski off the lift safely. The bench was about to swing around to return down the mountain and I was about ten feet above the “ski off” slope. I was unfamiliar with what the procedures were and was afraid I would have to ride down the hill and leave my son and his friend alone on the mountaintop. So I jumped from the bench. My ski’s hit the “ski-off” slope a little in front of me and I landed on my tailbone. I heard a loud crack and came to a stop at the bottom of the ski-off slope.
        I felt a wave of nausea rush over me. My son exclaimed, Mom, you’re green! A paramedic hurried over. I kept my eyes shut in order to pray. I heard the paramedic ask me to move my toes. I could do it. Then he asked me if I would describe what happened, how I fell, and said that they would get a sled right away and take me down the mountain to be ex-rayed. I told him, “I am a Christian Scientist. Please take me to a quiet place. I am going to call a Practitioner. He said, “Lady, you can’t do that! We are on the top of the mountain. There are no phones up here.” I said, “That’s OK I have a cell phone in my fanny pack.” (This was in the mid-eighties when a cell phone was as big as a brick. Fortunately I had it in my “fanny pack” which was strapped on in front of me.) He kept insisting that I describe what happened. I told him that I could not do the prayerful work I needed to do to be healed … AND describe to him what had happened: because part of the mental work I would be doing would be to declare that I had never fallen from God’s care. I said if he wanted, he could sit by me and watch what happened. I knew I had taken on a huge responsibility by declaring my position so openly. I called the practitioner and told her about the situation and then said, “ and what ever you do, can you do it quickly? I told the paramedic he could sit next to me and watch what happens when you apply Christian Science treatment. I would like him to see how Christian Science works, but he is busy and doesn’t have much time.” Even under these circumstances, she lovingly agreed to take the case. She briefly confirmed to me that I had never fallen from God’s care and that my identity was whole and intact. Then said she would pray for me. I hung up and started to “Know the truth”. This means that I worked with three sets of truths: the Lord’s Prayer, the 23 Psalm and the Scientific Statement of Being from the textbook of Christian Science. I knew that Jesus had said that, if we KNEW the truth, the truth would make us free. So I started asking myself: Could I know that Our Father is in Heaven …in consciousness? Yes, I could know that. Then I asked myself, could I know that God is pretty cool? Yes, I thought, with so much gratitude, about all the other times I had been healed and the times my children had been healed. Then I asked myself, Could I know that the laws of love were present and had power (Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven) I thought, yeah!
        All this time, I had my eyes closed but my son would come up to me and put his hand on me. I reassured him not to worry. And then went back to KNOWING the truth. I worked this way with the rest of the Lord’s Prayer knowing that Jesus promised that it took care of every need. Then I worked with the 23rd Psalm and then with the “Scientific Statement of Being” which states that “There is no life truth, intelligence nor substance in matter… that all is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.”

        When I got to the end of the passage where it says “… therefore Man is not material. He is spiritual.”…I realized the logic of that statement. I knew that was true! At that moment, I felt my back, from under my shoulder-blades down to tail bone become white hot and then the vertebrae went click, click, click, click, starting at the top and going down to my tail-bone. It was amazing! At that instant, my son shouted, “Mom, you’re not green anymore!”
        Then I thought, Now what do I do? So I opened my eyes, the paramedic was still sitting next to me. My son eyes were bugging out. So I shut my eyes another minute and thought, if I have been healed, I have to prove it by getting up and skiing down the mountain. So I stood up, opened my eyes. So far so good. Next I took a step. I thanked the paramedic and told him what I intended to do. His reaction to this was panic. He legally could not allow me to leave the ski resort without my signing that the resort was no longer liable for what happened to me. He wanted me to allow him to take me down in a sled. I told him that I was a Christian SCIENTIST and that I had to have proof of my healing, so I had to ski down the mountain. He assigned another paramedic to come down with me. Valente and his friend followed and the paramedic brought up the rear. As a matter of fact, we had to wait for the paramedic to catch up to us!

        There was bright sunshine and there were crystals of ice in the air shimmering in the sunlight all the colors of the rainbow. I felt like I was skiing through paradise. When I got to the bottom of the run, I called the practitioner and thanked her for her prayerful support. Then I thanked the paramedic who was very annoyed with me. He said,
        “Nothing ever happened to you.” I said, “That is just exactly what I have been praying to understand!” I signed the papers and took off my skis and, together with the boys went home. For a few days, after the incident, I had trouble getting in and out of cars and sitting down, but I continued doing the KNOWING and within a few days I was completely free. I will never forget the hot glow in my back and the clicking of my vertebrae. I had witnessed a Christian Science healing. I am still impressed.

        One of the key points I see now as I review the story is that I was not trying to heal something. I was trying to get a better sense of God’s allness. I was looking away from the injury to what I knew about God. I was spiritualizing my thought and not outlining what the outcome was to be. This is a key to Christian Science healing and explains why Jesus was so successful at healing 5000 people at a time. He did not ask them to focus on their problems but to focus on God, the eternal essence of Love and the truth of how we are Love’s eternal perfect reflection or offspring. I am very grateful for this healing and the opportunity to learn more about the healing effect of “knowing the truth”.
        In addition to this healing I have been healed of diagnosed “slipped disk”, had exrays of a chip of calcium the size of my thumbnail in my shoulder rotator cuff. Healed of a life-long debilitating hay fever.

        In 1985, a report came out that 8 children of “Christian Scientists” had died. Was the definition of Christian Scientist that they attended church, that they were raised in Christian Science and mistakenly thought that you are not “allowed” to go to a doctor if you are not seeing improvement (FALSE) and that all you have to say is “GOD IS LOVE” when someone is sick and that that will heal the child. Or were they SCIENTISTs actively knowing the truth that Man is the perfect expression of Divine Love… never born, never dying. Always in a perfect state of being because always ONE with the eternal Consciousness of LOVE. (The report also said that 350,000 children died who’s parents turned to doctors. No one accuses those parents of “man slaughter” because the accepted method is the medical route.) I just say, this is a science that you prove. Try it. Use the tools properly and they work. Read all the testimonies in the chapter of Fruitage in Science and Health and all the testimonies in the Christian Science periodicals about children who were healed.
        My two daughters went to camp. The eldest who was eight yrs old showed me proudly that she had a shoebox full of medicine in case she got sick or hurt herself when she was at camp. My six year old had big tears in her eyes when she said, “what am I going to do, Mommy?” I took her in my arms and hugged her and reassured her that God would be with her at camp. When the girls got back two weeks later, I learned that my eldest daughter had been sick with a high fever the whole time, but the camp counselors had not wanted to call me because they knew I was a Christian Scientist. They wanted to continue to treat her with medications. My younger daughter had a wonderful time. She was not sick at anytime while she was away!
        This is not about gettin you to come back to Christian Science. It is about understanding the difference between leaving a group of people who are not applying the truth correctly vrs. learning how to apply this science which is so useful for any problem.

    • Ill keep this concise. I still remember those cancer healings shared in a CS church. How powerful it felt. Looking back now i know the diagnosis had been made by a CS’er. If it had been cancer we would have known, they would have been dead.

      • If it had been real Cancer, would you expect that Jesus could have healed it? The Science he used, is the same science that is used today. it is based on the allness of Spirit and that Matter and all the beliefs about matter are not part of Spirit’s ALLNESS. Love permeates all. Physically speaking, medical science has explained that the body totally regenerates its cells every two years. A healthy body’s cells go into apoptosis (they auto-destruct) constantly so that new cells can take the place of old cells. The body that does not allow this replacement of cells is the expression of a “firmly held belief” or a “graven image” that some memory (grudge) or present reason for resentment is real and the person doesn’t realize that “what you see in your mind’s eye is what you get.” He/She doesn’t realize that you can always CHANGE YOUR MIND! That is what happened with the people that came to see Jesus. He changed their thought about who they were…not eternally damned sinners… but loved children of divine LOVE and THAT changed how their bodies functioned. SO COOL! Love it!

    • Speaking about love and yet responding to a survivor’s story with the word *SIGH* seems a little oxymoronic to me. Typical, though of the lack of empathy necessary in order to follow CS to the letter.

      As someone who was brought up in Christian Science – and I mean every aspect of the crazy sauce in full effect, I too am glad to have escaped. Not just because I had untreated, disabling medical conditions throughout my childhood but because the sheer weight of cognitive dissonance was incredibly harmful. I choose not to say more, here, about that.

      I have watched friends and family members, lifelong members and devotees of the church, practitioners, lecturers, readers etc all die one by one as they talked beatifically about god and love and healing.

      Harmony of the mind is indeed important in the healing of the body but imagining yourself well around a flimsy framework of fabrication by someone with serious delusions is not going to provide that harmony.

      I have found something increasingly close to that harmony by getting well away from christian science and finding genuine truth, love and understanding.

      I hope that you will see the truth one day.

    • Others who have commented here have largely said what I would say in response to your comment. While I acknowledge your belief in Christian Science, it is just that: a belief. Nothing more. Christian Science has been proven over and over again in my observation, and even in academic studies, to be ineffective as a healing method. At the most, it is a philosophy or a belief system. It is not a science. I left Christian Science–the religion/belief system. As I see it, it is not a ‘group’. It’s a religion. I left it. By the way, my parents did not ‘dabble’ in Christian Science. Obviously, you have not read my blog extensively, or you would know that they were very earnest students of this religion. Both were second-generation Christian Scientists, and Class taught. They most certainly did not ‘dabble’. Hell, they might still be alive now if all they did was ‘dabble’! There also was little to no negativity in my home. I grew up in a very loving (but sometimes misguided–thanks to Christian Science) home. You, my friend, are making some wild assumptions here that you have little right to make.

    • Shanda, I too am most grateful to have left the faith. I came from a 3rd generation family who did far more than “dabble” in the religion. My brother and sister-in-law and not one but THREE practitioners were fervently praying for my brother’s liver to suddenly spring back to life. Sadly, like what happens with most hard-core healings, they simply don’t happen. He died. Most of the profoundly religious Christian Scientists I know died far too young because they failed to understand the physical limitations of Christian Science prayer.

      I never even met my Christian Science grandparents on my father’s side. They died before my Mom and Dad married!

      You say when thought is changed to understanding oneness with LOVE, the body harmonizes. Yet I’ve never come across healings for the below and believe me, I’ve looked. Please let me know when the below healings were documented and published in Christian Science literature:

      1. Witnesses saw the bullet extract itself and fall out of the gunshot wound without any medical involvement.
      2. Witnesses saw the broken bones moving themselves back into the correct position(s) under the skin following the accident. (The bone doesn’t have to have been poking out of the skin.) In the case where the breakage was a compound fracture, witnesses saw the bone move back in under the skin and reposition itself without human intervention. …Broken bones that don’t get reset cannot be called a “healing”.
      3. Witnesses saw the gaping wound close itself on it’s own accord without stitches or any other medical involvement.
      4. Witnesses saw the tumor shrink and vanish of it’s own accord.
      5. Witnesses saw a person clearly in the midst of a heart attack or stroke stop the attack and come to full healing as though it never happened.
      6. Witnesses saw someone pray away the need to wear glasses.
      7. Witnesses saw someone be healed of an abscessed tooth.

      Are you aware Mrs. Eddy was a life-long user of morphine?
      Are you aware Mrs. Eddy wasn’t able to heal her own Dental issues?

      I might be willing to come back to the faith if someone could prove to me the science works for hard-core situations such as the above. Until that happens my stand is Christian Science is fantastic for healing “mind” issues only… not matter issues. I have far more faith in the effectiveness of Medical Science.

      • I have said it before, if I had seen my younger brother (who, due to cerebral palsy, was wheelchair-bound and unable to talk for his entire life) get up out of his wheelchair and have a conversation with me, I would never have doubted the healing efficacy of Christian Science. That never happened, despite the fervent prayer in Christian Science of both of our parents, numerous Christian Science practitioners down through the 16 years of his short life, and the support of many earnest church members. Now, I will submit that if I see the regrowth of a severed limb or something equally impossible to current medical science, I will have seen sufficient evidence to believe that Christian Science can heal as it claims an ability to do. Thus far, I have not witnessed any.

      • I understand why you guys are so against this religion. but I’m still having fun with it. I really dig stuff that works. it is like math. if you know the rules, it is helpful.

        Here is a short thing I wrote it was just published in the Broadview monthly letter:

        Let’s Use Christian Science On A Category 5 Hurricane!

        By Shanda Lear-Baylor, C.S.

        Do you believe that 2+2=4 or do you KNOW it? Of course, you KNOW it!

        In Science and Health, Mary Baker. Eddy tells us “A spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive,” (S H 463: 12-13).

        Well, if the planet Earth is a spiritual idea, created by the Consciousness of God/the perfect Divine Mind, this spiritual idea, in truth, like GOD/Infinite GOOD, can’t have one element of error/imperfection (or out of control devastation!) “and this truth removes properlywhatever is offensive.

        In 2015, I heard about this monster hurricane headed for Mexico. I used this thought to pray about the massive +5 force hurricane that was barreling towards the west coast of Mexico. I reasoned that this area was part of the planet Earth (which, in reality, is a spiritual idea), therefore West Mexico is part of this spiritual idea and this idea didn’t have a single element of the weather that was out of control, malicious, with intent to kill and destroy.

        I reasoned that the aggressive mental suggestion of the media to scare everyone was what had to be dealt with. (“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address.) I denied that there was any power in human opinion; that only GOD/the Infinite Loving Consciousness had power and was in control.

        The +5 force hurricane 220MPH winds became a 4 hurricane with 165mph winds, then became a tropical storm with 50mph winds. The trajectory of the storm bypassed the densely populated resort waterfront towns and went thru the mountains to the south.


        This truth was used by Jesus to calm the storm. It can be used by us to not only calm storms but also our stormy feelings and bring peace, by trusting that the Consciousness of Love reigns and we live in that consciousness and so do all the people who disagree with our political point of view. We don’t have to do anything about this, don’t have to say anything. We just have to lean back into the arms of Divine Love and let Love care for us, watch over us and protect us so that we can walk with courage each step of the way, continuing to know the Truth about God’s Allness vis-a-vis the storm and the storm in our country!

      • Holy crap! You can control the weather! Yeah, um…please offer some proof that your thought had anything to do with that hurricane. I’m waiting…

      • Oh boy! Now I have your attention. Remember that I said this is a S.C.I.E.N.C.E.? You certainly have heard the stories about Jesus saying “Peace be still.” When his buddies were scared in the boat. And you have heard how MBE would control the weather and taught her staff to do the same. Well that is the fun of understanding this science and applying it to all kinds of conditions.
        My daughter grew up in a household where I was first reader at church and had many healings of all kinds of problems at home and with friends…and my first husband was catholic and loved doctors…thought doctors were like gods and was embarrassed that I prayed about things and would only ask me to pray when there was no alternative. Like the time he was the head of the outdoor Locarno film festival and torrential rains were predicted for the two weeks of the festival. So…he called me and because it seemed like such a huge problem, I called a practitioner who only said “let the reign of divine truth life and love be established in me and rule out of me all sin and may thy word enrich the affections of all mankind and govern them”. AND my husband called back immediately and said, “no more need to pray about the rain. We realized that we have two gymnasiums next to each other. We can project the first reel of the film in one and then bring it over to the next gymnasium.” That year they made more money that at any other year! And NO I did not stop the rain but the problem was solved.

        Anyway my daughter grew up in this war and so when she got married she wanted to be sure that I didn’t talk about GOD. 60 friends from all over the world were invited to spend the week together getting to know each other before the wedding. At the first dinner, a young man sat in front of me at one of the long tables and said, “so what are you going to do about the rain?”
        And I said, “What do you mean ‘about the rain’?” And he said, “Well, the weather report has predicted two weeks of torrential rain.” And he told me that the wedding and the reception, the dinner and the dancing were all going to be outdoors. Gulp! Wanting to respect my daughter’s wishes to not talk about GOD, I just asked this loving Consciousness, that is available to anyone, what I should do… and it occurred to me to share with this young man that I had just read an article about several different religious prayer groups who got together to share how they prayed about things. They had invited an Indian rain dancer! The article stated that when it was the turn of the rain dancer to show how he prayed, he stood up extended his hands, closed his eyes, didn’t move and 10 minutes later the rain came down. Lots of rain! So, the participants in the group were astonished. And said wait! “We thought by inviting you that this was going to be entertaining: you were going to dance and make a lot of noise whooping and hollering and ….you didn’t do any of that! What did you do to make the rain come down? So the rain dancer explained that what he did was ….he quietly imagined the rain and how wonderful it felt on his head coming down through his hair, and how it felt when it penetrated his clothes, and how it felt in the grass between his toes and he thought about how great it was that the rain fed the little streams, that became bigger streams and became rivers and went down to the ocean. And that water was good to all of the animals. He just loved the rain! And that’s why the rain came down!

        So I looked at this young man, picked up my glass and said to him so let’s everybody toast to “Blue skies”! That was Tuesday. Wednesday, we toasted to “Blue skies”!: crash thunder and lightning! “Blue skies”! Crash thunder lightning! Thursday …“Blue skies”!: Crash, thunder and lightning! Friday: “Blue skies”! Crash thunder lightning! Friday evening “Blue skies”! But by this time, I was getting scared. And I reached out to God and I said “Look! This isn’t funny! Vanessa is a darling! She’s your child! She deserves to have a wonderful wedding! This rain has to stop!” Boom crash thunder and lightning all night long. Saturday morning: The sun came out like thunder at 10 o’clock in the morning, as Vanessa got into the limo to go from this beautiful Roman agricultural setting with the five Villas that housed the 60 guests to the famous Wedding cake building in Rome that is the office of the Mayor.

        Vanessa‘s plan had been to wear flip-flops (!) to the civil ceremony in Rome. She was to be married by the assistant mayor of Rome. She had white pants and a white tank top and flip-flops! The sun was so hot that steam was coming up out of the pools of water and as we walked up the steps to the Townhall of Rome, the sun was beating down on all of us! It was hot September glorious sunshine.

        That evening, at 6 o’clock she walked on the arm of her father down a tree lined alleyway in a white chiffon dress. The panels of her dress floated as she walked. It was warm and clear and the sun, that day, had dried up the ground. The wedding took place in a hazelnut grove. A white sheet was placed in the center of the Grove with rocks and flowers holding down the white sheet and our feet were on dry ground! Later the reception was around the pool with all their friends from Rome and the dinner was outdoors with many, many tables of happy guests. Later the dancing was under the stars.

        In the morning, as TERRY and I were walking towards the building where Vanessa and her husband had their room, I looked up and saw the window of their room open and Vanessa leaned out and said, “Thank you, Mommy for praying about the rain!” with a big smile.

        I’m so grateful! So very, very grateful.

    • Honestly Shanda I am amazed by your arrogance and lack of empathy. I prefer to judge a system by how it serves the majority. If a system is designed to be elusive and can only be accessed by those who get it “just right” then it is worthless. A system that functions is one where there is a clear and accessible healing outcome 9 times out of ten. I am an atheist and a realist. Your god who is kind enough to reduce your hurricane to a level 4 is not kind enough to prevent a child from being raped. Your god who is sweet enough to give you rain, just when you want it, does not stop a grandmother from being killed. Your god is pretty useless. You can keep your delusions. PS. writing out S.C.I.E.N.C.E in caps with full stops does not make it science. If it worked, it would work.

      • I tell you what, Emily, you email me with a problem that you have not been able to solve. I will show you how to apply this science of Mental Engineering to it. I will back you up by also doing the mental engineering and lovingly and patiently guide your shifting of “your thought”. It is an adventure. Want to try? if you haven’t been able to solve the problem any other way…what have you got to lose? Couldn’t hurt.

        By the way, when I got the idea to pray about the Category 5 hurricane that was named the Hurricane of the Century, it became a Category 4 hurricane, so I was encouraged and kept knowing that a spiritual idea doesn’t have one element of error…and it became a Category 3 Hurricane, so I kept knowing the truth and when I saw it was a Category 2 storm, I was thrilled. You can imagine my surprise when I heard that it had become a tropical storm, went South, and missed the coastal resorts, away from Puerto Vallarta and went over the mountains, crossed central Mexico and headed to the gulf states where it dumped a lot of rain. (oops, I didn’t realize that I should have done more work to see that at NO TIME could a spiritual idea have one element of error…ever… no residue…nada…nothing…E.V.E.R. You “get” that don’t you? I’m still learning how to do this mental engineering…but I’m getting better at it. (;-D

        Also M.A.T.H.E.M.A.T.I.C.S. is a science even if you don’t know how to add. In our world of today, it is very fashionable to hate religion because religion just doesn’t make sense. I get it… because the definition of religion today has its roots in the pagan philosophy that was injected into the newly formed Holy Roman Catholic Church when the Roman Emperor Constantine hijacked Christianity and shut down the Roman Empire and became the first Pope! But …….being still and focusing on ONENESS with the infinite Consciousness of Divine LOVE brings us into a calm awareness of nudgings that would tell us “go this way”…”do that”. But it takes understanding learning. Science and Health is the textbook for this.

        When I was 17, I was John Glenn’s dinner partner at a celebration for my dad as “Man of the Year” held by the Air Force. (My dad had just invented the Learjet.) During the whole evening John Glenn and I talked about God! He told me that he felt he had been chosen to be the first man to orbit the earth because he was absolutely sure that the Divine Consciousness of Love (that some call God) was infinite and eternal and in any place in outer space to which he would travel.

        If you follow Steve Greer, the founder of the https://siriusdisclosure.com, he has spent the last thirty years getting testimonies from highly respected people in the military, the police and the Federal Aviation Association about sightings of UN-identified flying objects. He says don’t ask if they exist, ask how do they get here. He says they have been seen to do healings, to appear and disappear, teleport and transfer messages using thought and not language. All of the things that Jesus and other wise men from other cultures have done. They use thought: mental engineering. It is a …ahem… science…a universal science… and it can be learned…

        Oh, and about my lack of empathy, being tired of hearing this group say that this science of the Christ… this mental engineering that Jesus used, doesn’t work is like being tired of hearing that mathematics doesn’t work when you are putting 5s where 4s belong. Remember who profits from keeping you ignorant…the HEALTH S-CARE cabal. They don’t want you to know anything else. They want your money and they can only make money if they keep you ignorant or full of hate (the more you hate the more your body goes into shutdown mode.)

        I wouldn’t be taking so much time to write to you IF I didn’t have empathy and if I didn’t care. Of course it is devastating if we take our parents to the doctor and they don’t get well. and it is devastating if we call a practitioner and our parent doesn’t feel better but Jesus went to a lot of trouble to prove that Life is ETERNAL. Going through the ordeal of being crucified just to be able to prove three days later that life is eternal had to be tough. I’m so grateful that he did this for us. What a guy! DOH! so Grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am not a christian scientist but was married to one. She was a lovely woman who began to ignore and spiritualize her significant and scary cancer symptoms two and half years ago. She persisted and that denial and ultimately succumbed to a discoverable and treatable form of cancer ( cervical) this past april. I have never been through anything so awful in my life. My former wife also died of cancer; however she fought it like crazy but it was the form of cancer that was ultimately fatal. It is sad to see believers in christian science continually advocate for this form of altered state. There is nothing remotely christian about it. Ultimately, it is an incredibly selfish and narcissistic act that fails to recognize or empathize with anyone who disagrees with it. It thus leaves the survivors in a miserable spot with unrequited feelings toward the deceased.

  3. I wonder how many of my devout, fully committed, fully practicing friends and family, who were taken from us at alarmingly young ages by undiagnosed illnesses (despite being under full-time care of practitioners and sometimes CS nurses) would still be alive today had they sought medical care instead. It breaks my heart and infuriated me at the same time.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story; it’s wonderful to know that you did catch the BCC before it became any worse and received the right treatment. ❤

    • Thank you! Yes, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have regular check-ups with your doctor, and to never by shy about raising any concerns, no matter how minor they may seem to be.

  5. A few thoughts about the person who thinks she can alter the weather.
    First of all, Hahahahaha!
    Second of all, Okay, let’s say for the sake of hypothesis, that a private individual was able to downgrade a hurricane from category 5 to a category 2. Are insurance companies lining up to hire this person? I’ll bet not, and here’s why: In the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season alone, there were over 3300 fatalities and nearly $380 billion worth of damage due to hurricanes. One might ask this person, “Where have you been? Why did you not downgrade and divert Hurricane Maria, or Hurricane Irma?” One thing that makes a science a science is that it is repeatable. If someone truly has scientifically proven power to downgrade and divert hurricanes, and there were this many deaths, — and I’m speaking purely hypothetically – maybe that person should be indicted for not preventing them.

    Thirdly, let’s have an honest talk about God. According to CS, God is all powerful, all knowing and loving. So why are there even hurricanes at all? If God is all powerful and there are still hurricanes, that means either he didn’t know about them, or he doesn’t care about us. If God is all loving and there are still hurricanes (remember those 3300+ people from last year alone), that means he’s powerless and ignorant. If God is omniscient and there are still hurricanes, that means he is an idle ice queen. There is no scenario where there is a god who is all powerful, all knowing and loving AND there are deadly hurricanes.
    You know what? If I had a job in which I had the power to squelch hurricanes and save people’s lives, but I failed more than three thousand times in one year, not to mention costing my boss almost $380 billion, I would get F.I.R.E.D. in a New York minute. To say that God is falling down on the job, is a spectacular understatement. If your god is truly a real god, he should be fired for dereliction of duty, for being a heartless psychopath, and for allowing hurricanes and the Holocaust and cerebral palsy and a few other things.
    Christian Science is NOT like math. When a kid falls behind in math in school, her punishment is not cerebral palsy. Telling people they need to understand their way out of worldly problems is not an adequate explanation for tragic illness. What first-grade teacher sits down with a set of parents after a PTA meeting and tells them, “I’m so sorry, but your daughter can’t add. She believes that 2+2=4 but she doesn’t KNOW it. I’m going to have to kill her.” Learning math is a terrible analogy.

    I know full well that if anyone believes in Christian Science or in a god, I’m not going to talk them out of it. I’m just saying, there are a few holes in the CS logic. Just saying.

  6. Greetings!
    I stumbled upon this blog while looking into the Watergate and Christian Science connection after reading an interesting article which said, “One Nixon aide, Chuck Colson, who reportedly had a passing interest in the religion before becoming an evangelical Protestant in prison, wrote that its positive attitude and disbelief in evil as reality contributed to the Nixon White House’s undoing.” https://thefederalist.com/2019/04/11/christian-science-became-dying-religion/

    I too was raised in CS but left it as a young teen. Then in 1976, something else happened and here’s my 10 minute story posted several years ago: https://youtu.be/ANm1qNoBFAQ

  7. I was raised in a completely devout Christian Science home and am very grateful to have REALLY seen the truth as an adult – that there is nothing Christian or scientific about this religion.
    It is a religion based on denial.
    My parents and everyone from their generation and older from our branch church the I knew growing up all died prematurely.
    Every single one.

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