The names may change, but the story is still the same…

LinkedIn, for those who may not be familiar, is a social media platform for professional networking. I’ve been on LinkedIn for around 10 or so years. My first connections on LinkedIn come from the time when I was working at The Mother Church. Consequently, many connections I have are related in some way to Christian Science. While I’ve worked to weed out some of the more deeply-marinated-in-Christian Science folks from my profile, and to actively seek connections that are more professionally relevant to me now, I still get a lot of suggested connections who are Christian Science practitioners or other such Christian Science-related professions. This now provides a weird sort of entertainment for me.

You see, Christian Science, as a movement, is trying desperately to find relevance in the modern world, without much success as I see it. But, those efforts are entertaining sometimes. On LinkedIn, that entertainment comes via the interesting job titles some Christian Science practitioners and other Christian Science ‘professionals’ give themselves. I’ve been regaling my fellow ex-Christian Scientists in the Facebook groups with these funny job titles for a few months. It’s all part of Christian Scientists trying to keep their moribund religion somehow relevant, I guess; or maybe to make it seem more ‘mainstream’. I don’t know. I guess coming out and calling it “Christian Science” isn’t attracting enough attention.

Now I’ll inflict a few of them on you, dear readers. I’ll even turn it into a game. Match up the made-up job title in List A with the actual job title in List B (note: there are more items in List A than there are in List B–match the LinkedIn job titles to what you think is the actual one in List B). Offer your answers in the comments. I’ll post the actual answers in the comments in a month or so.

List A (LinkedIn/Self-Claimed Job Titles):

  1. Independent Alternative Medicine Professional
  2. Alternative Health Blogger/Writer
  3. Writer on Spirituality & Health
  4. Media & Legislative Spokesperson/Liaison
  5. Health Writer | Health Columnist
  6. Communications Coordinator
  7. Syndicated Columnist
  8. International Public Speaker
  9. Health & Wellness Professional

List B (Actual Job Titles):

  1. Christian Science Practitioner
  2. Teacher of Christian Science
  3. Christian Science Committee on Publication
  4. Christian Science Nurse

2 thoughts on “The names may change, but the story is still the same…

  1. The phrases ” post truth era” and ” alternate facts” come to my mind, small “m”. Bitterness creeps in when I think how much these folks claim to practice truth.

  2. Yes a Liittle confuse At THIS moment , particularly about eddy taking
    Morphine, although in early part of her life she was searching for the “Truth ” oF. TRUTH ! I’m not judging if you take alcohol , get high , THAT is understandable.
    But after her discovery that brought million and million of people in the planet , (including myself )teaching Im mortality, in another word Man relying completely in The power of
    Spirit, my point is : at least be Honest and tell me in some cases, rely on whatever, doctors or drugs,
    I believe in miscellaneous writing
    She mentioned it at some point ;
    But for some strange reason most Christian scientist do not accept those ideas.
    Thank you for your new site and please stay in touch !
    Patrick ,

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