A very nice image

This image, a ‘fan art’ piece for the on-line game Fallout 4 was recently posted in an on-line group I’m in. While the artist’s caption labels it as the former site of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), it actually depicts the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Christian Science Center in Boston, Massachusetts (the headquarters of the Christian Science Church). MIT is actually located across the Charles River from Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The game Fallout 4 is set in post-apocalyptic Boston/New England, in an alternate reality from our own, approximately 218 years in the future. It is part of the Fallout on-line game series.

For me, this image carries a couple of metaphors: (1) the ruins are symbolic of the slow death of this moribund religion, and (2) it depicts how I and so many others who’ve left Christian Science wish to see it end up: a heap of ruined, dead ashes. It has destroyed many lives and families. It feels good to see an image of the epicentre of Christian Science in ruined ashes.

The original image can be viewed at Deviant Art. The artist who created it goes by the screen name ‘Sketchbook’. View more of Sketchbook’s images here.


Fallout: Shadow of Boston, by Sketchbook. Image downloaded from Deviant Art.


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