What’s the real danger?

Much has been made in the news about the so-called “bathroom laws” that have been enacted in the U. S. states of North Carolina and Mississippi. While I do agree that there are some legitimate concerns about predatory men who may claim ‘transgendered’ status in order to gain access to a womens’ bathroom, that concern is minimal at best. I firmly believe these laws are rooted in intolerance and bigotry. Already, a lesbian woman, who looks and dresses in a masculine manner, but is still very much female, and identifies as such, was humiliatingly dragged out of a public washroom by police, presumably in one of those states. The video I viewed did not identify the location. In all honesty, what’s between the legs of the person next to me in the bathroom is of no concern to me.

So, what is the real danger? In almost the same breath of time, Dennis Hastert, the former Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives, was sentenced for charges related to his payments to a victim of his pedophilia. Apparently, he had been making large and unreported bank withdrawals to pay this victim for his silence. While the statute of limitations had long passed in relation to the statutory rape he committed, Hastert was sentenced to a longer than normal amount of prison time for the banking law violations he was convicted of. Other victims of Hastert’s abuse have begun to come forward. Many will remember Hastert for his vigorous prosecution of former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s indiscretions with Monica Lewinsky.

Another case that comes to mind is a former U.S. Sentator from Idaho, Larry Craig, who was arrested after sexually propositioning an undercover police officer in an airport washroom. He apparently had many clandestine encounters with men for sex, all the while being married. He was also a leading critic of Clinton and his indiscretions. And then there’s Clinton himself, and his conduct with White House intern Monica Lewinsky–abuse of power, anyone?

I won’t even get into how many mass shootings happen almost weekly in the country that neighbours mine, most of which are committed by heterosexual white men. If you ask me, what I fear the most are religiously-conservative white men. They are the real danger to this world, and always have been. And, before you start thinking I’m a non-white, non-male, non-heterosexual who needs to ‘learn my place’, let me inform you that I am a white, male, heterosexual person who’s fed up with the treatment I see others suffer because of aspects of who they are that they have no control over.

2 thoughts on “What’s the real danger?

  1. There was a good article in Salon.com entitled “The Rise of Irreligion Is The GOP’s Real Demographic Crises.” It appeared on August 20th. It described how the changing racial demographics in the U,S, are affecting attitudes and beliefs regarding homosexuality, same-sex marriage, etc. The base that was played to for so long, Christian right wing fundamentalists, no longer has the strength in numbers it once did. The article makes comparisons between earlier times, when it was a strong selling point, and how it has markedly diminished now. The U.S. is diversifying, and so are it’s attitudes. In other words, there is more objectivity and tolerance in these areas than there used to be.

    In an earlier time, President Ronald Reagan, never an active church goer, began proclaiming “They’ve taken God out of the public schools”…meaning that he wanted legislation reintroducing the acceptance of school prayer in public schools, despite a Supreme Court decision to the contrary. Reagan also began hobnobbing with Jerry Falwell of the Moral Majority, who originated the phrase “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

    That era, and that kind of prejudice, is no longer acceptable today. The majority of Americans, in a recent poll, were, in fact, tolerant of same-sex marriage, and homosexuality.

    That kind of pandering to the hatreds of people is really not washing anymore. You see Donald Trump, and his new-found religious faith, is really not believable. Just like his saying how he wants equal rights for blacks (in front of an all-white audience), is also not really being believed by anyone.

    Religiously conservative white men actually are on the decline now.

  2. Normally it would do more damage a female entering a male lavatory, because when they are standing at the chamber pots any body can see the private parts, whilst in a women’s toilet it are all closed cubicles, so nobody can see the private parts … so what would be the problem having more places where there are such closed toilets in restrooms?

    An other solution would be to create a third or better fourth retiring room with a particular sign indicating it is a place where transgender can go to the toilet.

    A big problem facing the American citizens is that many of them wrongly consider each homophile and/or each transgender a sexual offender and them being paedophile.

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