Image credit: Emerging Gently.

I’ve written about September 11th in a previous post, telling of my own personal memories of that day. For me, September 11th has always been a day of reflection and introspection. I always remember exactly what I was doing, and where I was when I heard about the attacks. I was at work in Boston at The Mother Church in the Media Services department, cataloguing our sound effects library. I remember watching on live TV as the second plane hit the World Trade Center in New York City, and that sinking feeling that the world was not going to be the same any more.

This is a day now where I think back on the previous year; and lately, I particularly think back on the last 14 years since that day I was at work in Boston. Not only have I left Boston and my employment at The Mother Church and gone through a major career change, I have also left Christian Science and become a vocal critic of it. My life, in almost every aspect, has taken a direction I never then would have thought it would take. I have also found happiness and contentment in my life that I have never had before thanks to those changes.

I think September 11th is a day of introspection and reflection for many people, and I think that is a good thing. It’s a way-marking day. It’s a time to think back on various segments of your life and think about where you’ve been and where you are now. It’s also a time to think on those who were tragically lost on that day due to the religious fanaticism of a few. We have our lives, we wake up each morning; they don’t. We honour those who have died by living our lives to the fullest. Life is a gift that should not to be wasted.

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