Games Christians Play: Three Common Examples of Confirmation Bias

I am a former Christian Scientist, and this post really hits the nail on the head about the very strong confirmation bias that exists in that faith, and also the mental gymnastics (as some of us have taken to calling it) that’s required to accept and embrace this theology.

godless in dixie

People often ask me why I left my faith.  There are no good short answers to that question, but one of the simplest ways to explain what happened is to describe the games I was taught to play to protect my beliefs and to keep them immune to falsification.  Stepping outside of my own thought processes long enough to see how these games work probably went further than anything else I did to convince me that my religion was all inside my own head.  “Know thyself,” the Greeks wisely advised.  That’s certainly where it started for me.


Confirmation bias can be a powerful thing.  When you have a strong personal need to believe something, you set out to verify your belief with a mixture of motives.  You want to know if what you believe is true, but the cost of disappointment may be so high that you become susceptible to…

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3 thoughts on “Games Christians Play: Three Common Examples of Confirmation Bias

  1. Christian Science is a personal journey like many things in life- it is more discovery than it is teaching. without personal proofs in your own experience (substantial experiences of spiritual growth with the side benefit of one healing after another) your own quest may not jive with it at this point in your life. We are all drawn toward love and fulfillment in our lives- and there are certainly more ways than one to get there.

    • I’m happy for you that Christian Science seems to be working for you. I left Christian Science precisely because I did not see it work as it promised to do in my life. I have seen absolutely no evidence whatsoever that it is at all capable of any physical healing effect. It failed me and my family tragically and painfully, and no, it was not because me or anyone else wasn’t doing it “right” or didn’t have the “right” understanding. That is a cop-out answer that Christian Scientists all too often try to put forward. It blames the victim for the utter failure of the supposed healing system to measure up to its promises.

  2. Without very personal experiences of spiritual growth and one healing after another, Christian Science wouldn’t appeal to me either. What good is the highest form of health care if it doesn’t work?

    Fortunately it does work. Read Proof of Heaven. Study Quantum science’s unified mind theory. The US spends more on medicine than almost the entire world combined- now if that were the answer we wouldn’t be 50th in life expectancy.

    Absolute truth is true for everyone- human belief is not required. With each passing year collective human thought and discovery rises higher and closer to truths some of us have been demonstrating in our own lives for 150 years.

    The world isn’t flat, the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth, and reality is spiritual as well as physical- but it is not material. This is a very exciting time to be around, if you’ve got your eyes open.

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