Jagged Little Knife (Poem)

I felt unusually inspired to try and riff on some perhaps not-so-good poetry tonight. It’s free verse, stream of conscience, I’ve done very little editing. I hate rules sometimes, but I’ll always hate Christian Science more.

We were three, now we are one,
They were mortal; we all are,
No matter what you say.

You cut her away;
Jagged Little Knife.
The Pain, the Agony;
I heard her Scream,
But she still believed you.

She knew she’d be better,
You said she would.
Your lying little minions said so too.
They said she was dancing!
You fill their heads with your lies!

Progress, dancing in the hallway!
They said it all!
Oh what glorious bullshit
You made them all believe!

You make them believe anything!
You promise, you lie!
Fuck you! I hate you!
 cut them up,
They come back for more.

I’m done with you!
I hope you die; die by your blade!
Go back to the hell you came from,
And leave us alone.
Jagged Little Knife.

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