A Testimony

I’ve given a similar testimony before in this blog, but I just feel moved to stand up and give this one. The other day, I was dealing with a headache while I was in a meeting at work. In the past, as a Christian Scientist, I would have tried to quietly “know the Truth” in some way about the supposed unreality of this headache, but would have gone on suffering in silence from that illusive falsity–all the while, praying in Christian Science for a healing that never came. A woman who was attending the meeting with me offered me two Tylenol extra strength pain relievers. I gratefully accepted them, and within 15 or so minutes, the headache symptoms began to subside, and were soon gone.

A few hours ago, I began to suffer from a toothache. Again, in the past, I would have suffered with the pain, all the while praying for relief that would only come with the passage of time. Instead, I went to my medicine cabinet–which is gradually becoming more well-stocked–and took an ibuprofen. As with the headache of a few days ago, the pain quickly began to subside, and as I write this, it is completely gone.

I am so grateful for modern evidence-based medical science, which allows me to find quick and effective relief from pain. I still marvel at this, in ways that many would not understand, unless they, like me, are refugees from an obscure and denial-filled religion known as Christian Science. I am so grateful to be free from it!


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