Sunday Testimony

I just had to stand up and give this testimony. I am so grateful for Buckley’s cold and flu caplets. Last night, I was feeling the oncoming symptoms of a cold, and I took two of those nice little blue night capsules, and had the best sleep. This morning, I took two day caplets and within half an hour the symptoms were subsiding, and I can actually enjoy the day somewhat! I remember how I used to suffer through colds and flu as a Christian Scientist, alternately praying for a healing that never came, or just gritting through until I knew it would simply just pass because it went against everything I’d been raised to believe to take something as simple as cold medicine. Oh how happy I am that I’ve seen the light! I am so glad to have broken through the mesemerism of Christian Science!

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the researchers who come up with these things that make life more bearable, and for scientific (NOT Christian scientific), evidence-based medicine. It works.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Testimony

  1. Thank you. I too would like to share my thanks for modern medicine, without it, I would not be alive today. I am so very grateful for all the (anonymous online, FB-group & other) support I have had on my path away from CS. It is so wonderful to find similarly minded people! 🙂

    • I am ever so thankful for that support too. Especially when I can share the wonders of painkillers and cold medicine with people who understand, relate to, and probably still share my wonderment. What a delusion we all lived under as Christian Scientists…ugh!

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