Running Out of “Nothing”

Two people were out on a drive in a remote area, along a road that few cars used. One was a Christian Scientist, one was not. The car ran out of gas. The Christian Scientist immediately started “knowing the Truth” about the car, that it could never run out of gas. The other person said, “screw this, we need to start walking and find a gas station,” and started walking back towards the town they had passed not too long ago. The Christian Scientist stayed with the car and kept praying, denying the reality of no gas. After all, there is “no life truth or substance in matter,” and gasoline is matter, what need is there of this “nothing” we just ran out of? Two hours later, the other driver showed up with a jerry can filled with “nothing”, and they were soon on their way–well, he was. The Christian Scientist who only sat on his ass and prayed away the reality of the “nothing” that they had run out of was now praying about the unreality of now being stranded at the side of the road.

Now, this is just a stupid little story I made up as my sarcastic twist on the circle of illogical thinking that is Christian Science. But I’m here to tell you that it is inspired by a true event. A comment on a previous post inspired this.

By coincidence, perhaps another car might happen by and give them a ride if they stayed with their car, but perhaps not. If it did, God and Mary Baker Eddy’s precious discovery of Christian Science of course would be given all the credit, not the fact that maybe someone happened to be out running errands. God forbid the rescuing driver should get any credit. The thought that one could deny the reality that cars DO run out of gas if you don’t re-fill them is so stupid, it makes me laugh. If I was that other person, I offer no guarantee that I wouldn’t tell them in the most sarcastic way possible how stupid their train-wreck of thought was, and follow through with the end of my little scenario I just told. This is just another example of how absolutely ludicrous Christian Science is, and the crazy reactions some Christian Scientists have to very normal situations.

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