Know The Truth About It and It Will Get Better, Right?

I am not writing this from my usual place all comfy at home. I’m at my office, it’s late, nobody else is here, and quite frankly, I’m beginning to believe the stories about this old building being haunted. I know I’m the only one here, but it doesn’t quite feel like it. All that aside, I’m sending this one off from here because my internet is down. With the help of the router manufacturer’s tech support, we’ve concluded it to be an issue with my cable modem, coincidentally happening just as I was installing said new wi-fi router earlier today. I know just enough about networking to get myself into trouble, but not enough to get out.

I wonder if I know the “Truth” about it, and declare that this modem failure is just an illusory manifestation of “mortal mind”, will it just heal itself? Or, do I still need to call my ISP’s tech support? I don’t know, it all seemed pretty real to me.

I think I’ll try tech support. Shaw cable will come through for me–they usually do. Knowing the Truth (whatever that is), well, the track record on that is not quite as good.

2 thoughts on “Know The Truth About It and It Will Get Better, Right?

  1. Once a friend of mine and I ran out of gas in a car. She immediately started “knowing the truth” about the car. lol She started denying that cars need gas (or water) even as we trekked for it. I was laughing at her stream of consciousness about the car. She wasn’t.

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