As I maintain this blog, one of the things I do is to visit, the Christian Science Church’s official website, as well as some sites belonging to Christian Science-affiliated organizations. Mainly I do this because I frequently link to them, especially in my “Glossary of Terms” page, which I gear towards any visitors unfamiliar with Christian Science. As much as possible I want people to research and get information on their own, straight from the source, and make their own independent determinations about what they see. Unfortunately, this task does require the occasional trip to the Dark Side of the Force.

I’ve often wondered, as I’ve gone through this process of leaving Christian Science and making my break with the Church, my Association, and a few Christian Science friends along the way who’ve chosen to break off contact (judging by a few absences from my Facebook friends list), would I ever go back to Christian Science? The honest answer has always been: I don’t know. Most likely not; but, you never know…never say ‘never’.

While I’ve always lived my life by that adage “never say ‘never'”, anytime I go to  especially, I become more and more convinced that in this case, I may break that rule and say, “no, I will never go back to Christian Science.” After seeing the light of reason and true reality, how could I? After seeing first-hand some of the gruesome evidence of the ineffectiveness of Christian Science in treatment of disease within my own family, how could I? Thinking of an acquaintance of mine who lost her leg because of untreated bone disease because her parents “radically relied” on Christian Science, how could I? There are many other ‘how could I?’ examples.

The short answer is, no I couldn’t. Bottom line, Christian Science does NOT work as advertised. Albert Einstein said it best when he described insanity as “…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” On that basis, when I was a Christian Scientist, I was probably insane. Christian Science practice is a form of insanity. You cannot convince me that it works, so why do it over and over again? So, unless I’m completely insane (which for the most part I’m not), I will never go back to Christian Science.


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