Quantum of Belief

Today, I’m sort of stealing an idea, or I’d like to think of it as taking “inspiration” from another blog by a former Christian Scientist, a blog which, by the way, inspired me to start this one. I’m also stealing my title, or I like to think being inspired by the title of a movie. Anyway, I was scrolling through some older entries on Kindism, and found one called “Souls, Quantum Physics & the Universe“. It had a link to this article in the on-line version of the Daily Mail, a British newspaper.

The article talks about a controversial theory being advanced by a few scientists that our consciousness or “soul” is a sort of quantum program or package of information, and that this can exist and does exist in the “universe”, outside our bodies, after death. In other words, we’re part of this universe. This piqued my interest because it aligns with my new and growing view of what God, the universe, and our existence is.

Along with my rejection of Christian Science, I also no longer accept the Judeo-Christian version of “God”–an entity that at times is murderous (on a massive scale), misogynistic, bigoted, grossly egotistical, and essentially insecure. After all, what kind of all-powerful supreme being needs the fealty of a bunch of humans, would ask a man to kill his own son just to prove his loyalty, and lets its own “son” be killed in a most unpleasant way, just to prove a point? It all seems very stupid to me. Just give the Old Testament a careful read sometime and you’ll see what I mean. To me, the Bible is one of the most self-contradictory and dis-jointed books around. It certainly isn’t a very good guide to life, unless you think that wives should be completely subservient to their husbands, you shouldn’t wear polyester, and that anyone who works on Sunday should be stoned to death (and I’m not talking about the kind of “stoned” that Cheech and Chong like).

I have increasingly come to see what I now call a “higher power”–Aboriginal people here in North America often refer to it as “Creator”–as somewhat of a collective intelligence of which we and everyone and everything around us are an integral and on-going part, rather than some outside intelligence. I have come to learn in Aboriginal spirituality that we are all a part of this world (they call it Mother Earth), it nurtures us, and we in turn need to care for it. It is so simple and so beautiful. Morality is an inherent sense of right and wrong, it is not motivated by threats of punishment or reward here or in some sort of afterlife. Life and existence is a continuous journey.

Doing good simply because it is the right thing to do should be all the motivation needed. If one is primarily motivated to do good because it “pleases God” or promises reward (or threatens punishment if good is not done), rather than simply because it is the right thing to do, what moral compass is there, really?


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