Is Principia Really The Best College You Can Actually Get Into?

My Principia College friends on Facebook have been quite proud lately of the fact that their (and my) alma mater ranked very high on a recent ranking of United States colleges in Money magazine. Continue reading

Guest Post: A Letter From a Principia College Grad

The following guest post was contributed by a regular reader. The author originally intended to write this as a letter to the editor, however the author wishes at this time to remain anonymous, so they chose to share their thoughts here instead.

I am writing because I take issue with Time ranking Principia College as the Number 1 college that the average B-student can get into. I find Principia’s ranking as a viable option to be incredibly misleading. On paper, Principia has a high acceptance rate and generous scholarship offers, however, you need to look at how many people are actually applying, and the demographic that Principia is catering to. Continue reading

How Does a Blind Person Understand Colour?

Imagine trying to describe colour to someone who has been blind from birth. In quiet, pensive moments, I’ve sometimes wondered how I could. How would I describe the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea to someone who has no idea what the colour blue looks like? I don’t think I could. I could describe very well how I feel about it. But without their own knowledge of something that can only be truly experienced by seeing it, they would not have any way to truly understand it. Continue reading

Grape Nuts

Over the years, I’ve occasionally heard the term “Grape Nuts” applied to Christian Science. This notion comes from the parallel drawn between the idea that, like the cereal that contains neither nuts nor grapes, Christian Science is neither “Christian” nor is it a “science”. Continue reading

Thank You For the Readings From the Desk

Many a person who has spent any time marinating in the Christian Science Krazy Sauce will have heard the statement I use as the title for this post many, many times at Wednesday Testimony Meetings in Christian Science churches. In one of the ex-Christian Scientist Facebook groups I’m in, we’ve had a few funny riffs off that statement, with one person wondering how a ‘desk’ can read anything anyway, or how one could thank a ‘desk’, or how readings come from a ‘desk’. Christian Scientists are an odd lot indeed. If it seems odd enough to those of us who’ve been in Christian Science, it must look exceptionally weird to a complete outsider. Continue reading

It’s Easier to Share Now That I’m Not There Anymore

I was reminded during a recent exchange in a Facebook group about something I’ve really noticed since I left Christian Science: it’s much easier for me to explain it to those who know little or nothing of it, and I’m also much more open about sharing the fact that I was a Christian Scientist. Continue reading


This is #8 in a series of posts looking at the 26 Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson subjects, chosen by Mary Baker Eddy, and rotated twice per year. These lessons are the sermon at each Christian Science church worldwide, and are read by Christian Scientists daily. Today’s subject is “Spirit”. Look for other posts in the category “Lesson Sermon Subjects“. 

Spirit is another of the seven “synonyms” of God as listed by Mary Baker Eddy. When used in this context, and as the Lesson Sermon subject, it is capitalized in what I call “Christian Science grammar”. The concept of “Spirit” is similar in many ways to the concept of “Soul” in Christian Science–a topic I addressed in last week’s post. So, what is “Spirit” to the Christian Scientist? Continue reading


Today, I’m not writing about Christian Science, or my departure from it. As close as this post gets to that is just talking about my perspective on life now, and now happens to be “post-Christian Science”. On my mind today is societal privilege. I’ve had a lot of occasion over the last several years to think about privilege. Continue reading

I Don’t Mind God, It’s God’s Fan Club I Can’t Stand


Image credit: Kissing Fish (Facebook Page)

I wonder if any hard-core Christians ever take a few steps back and see how they look to the rest of the world. Probably very few do. I’ve known a few very conservative Christians, and have universally found them to be among the most judgmental and closed-minded people I’ve ever met. Not all Christians are this way, mind you. I’ve known many who are among the most generous, tolerant, and open-minded people I’ve known. I’ve also known a few atheists who could learn a thing or two about brotherly love and tolerance. Continue reading